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#3 / 2016

Biological Sciences

  • Shumilov D.S., Tuguz A.R., Smolkov I.V., Kulova I.G., Muzhenya D.V., Ashkanova T.M.
    G197A gene polymorphisms of IL-17A proinflammatory cytokine at coronary atherosclerosis

    G197A gene polymorphisms of the main proinflammatory cytokine IL-17A are statistically significantly higher than normal at cardiovascular diseases developing against the background of coronary atherosclerosis. The 197A allele is associated with ischemic heart disease (1), arterial hypertension (2), and chronic heart failure of the II type (3) at the Russian men (respectively P1=0,05, OR1=3,25; P2=0,01, OR2=3,84; P3=0,02, OR3=2,58). In Adyghes population (men), at ischemic heart disease frequencies of G197 allele and G197G of IL-17A gene genotype are authentically in-creased (P=0,03, OR=3,62; P=0,02, OR=1,82).

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  • Sirotyuk E.A., Ayba E.A., Gergiya I.G.
    Eñologic and geografical variability of Gentiana septemfida Pall. in mountain phytocenoses of Abkhazia

    The paper provides the results obtained during a study of variability of 11 morphological features of Gentiana septemfida in subalpine and Alpine phytocenoses of Tsandrypshsky, Lower-Bzybsky and Gagra districts of the Republic of Abkhazia. The obtained data confirm instability of the majority of the studied parameters. At the same time higher values of morphological features of individuals and lower level of variability can indirectly testify to optimum conditions of the environment in Alpine communities.

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  • Arakhova F.M., Shaov M.T., Pshikova O.V., Kurdanov Kh.A., Balkarova M.Kh., Kazanova D.Kh.
    The dynamics of blood gas status under the influence of impulse hypoxia and pulse electroacoustic signals model

    The paper examines the impact of high-altitude hypoxia and the models of electroacoustic signals (EAS) of pulse “Sfigmoton” on oxygen saturation and concentration of carbon dioxide in human arterial blood. The studies were conducted under conditions of low and high altitude mode: Nalchik (512 m, starting point) → Azau, Elbrus (2300 m on the rise) → station “Mir” (3500 m, alpine hypoxia) → Azau (downhill) → Nalchik. The results show that in the group of the experience under the influence of pulse-frequency of hypoxia in combination with EAS “Sfigmoton” occurs significantly smaller decrease in oxygen saturation in the high altitude conditions than in the control group; the concentration of carbon dioxide in arterial blood increases towards the norm, thus restoring blood flow to organs and tissues.

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  • Siyukhova D.B., Babicheva L.G.
    Ways of correction of anemia in oncological patients

    Anemia is defined when a hemoglobin value is less than or equal to 12 g/dl for all men and women over 50 years of age, and less than or equal to 11 g/dl for women under 50 years of age. Untreated anemia is common in cancer patients. Previous studies have demonstrated that both the existence of cancer and treatment with chemotherapy can suppress the normal endogenous erythropoietic response to anemia, making some cancer patients transfusion candidates. Erythropoiesis-stimulating agents reduce anemia in patients with cancer and improve their quality of life.

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  • Kolomiytseva N.S., Kagazezheva N.Kh., Doronina N.V.
    The analysis of the major factors defining efficiency of adaptive mechanisms taking into account the motive mode of 10–12 year-old pupils

    The paper discusses the need to improve physical training of school students, to amplify the motive mode at children and teenagers for the purpose of optimization of their somatic and vegetative function development, including mechanisms of cardiorespiratory system. Parallel cycling occupations, as the offered mode of physical activity, provide development of children’s cardiorespiratory system up to standard which is supported by the positive dynamics of indicators of physical working capacity (PWC170) which is indirectly characterizing a functional condition of cardiorespiratory system.

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  • Tolstikova T.N., Ednich E.M., Chernyavskaya I.V.
    Catalog of angiospermous plant species in the Adyghe State University Herbarium (part I) (An Acronym in Index Herbariorum – May)

    The paper presents the short history of formation of the Herbarium and the list of the Asteraceae family plants which are stored in the Herbarium Fund of the Adyghe State University.

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  • Khakunova M.M., Akhtaov R.A., Tseeva N.A.
    Express diagnostics of a functional condition of the organism systems in pupils of boarding school

    Complex diagnostics of pupils of boarding school was carried out in a number of directions on the basis of the Adyghe Republican Boarding School with assistance of Research Institute of Complex Problems of the Adyghe State University. The Health Center of Scientific Research Institute of AGU performed express diagnostics of a functional condition of teenagers’ organism systems by means of the automated program AMCAT-KOBEPT to solve problems of prenosological control. Simultaneously the integrated indicator of health and degree of tension of regulatory systems, such as degree of emotional tension, a tone of the autonomic nervous system, a condition of a lymph dynamics, and oxygen consumption by tissues were quantitatively estimated. Violation of the lymph dynamics at a greater half of surveyed was diagnosed. A certain dependence of local violations of the lymph dynamics on degree of emotional pres-sure was revealed.

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  • Kagazezheva N.Kh., Kolomiytseva N.S., Doronina N.V.
    Obesity and existence of addictions as risk factor in healthy lifestyle at inhabitants of the Adyghea Republic

    An analysis is undertaken to identify risk factors, such as excess weight, obesity and tobacco smoking at the patients who are on hospitalization in the Adyghe Republican Clinical Hospital (Maikop). Research carried out on expressiveness of obesity depending on gender shows that this violation is more distinctly expressed at women (greater number of patients with the second, third and fourth degree of obesity). The main part of the surveyed sick at all depart-ments is presented by the people having from first to the fourth degree of obesity. Least number of patients with the excess body weight is revealed at the Gastroenterologic and Pulmonary departments. Results of the conducted re-searches convincingly indicate that a large number of people in our region do not control their weight that promotes development of chronic diseases. Influence of excess weight as risk factor of coronary heart disease, hypertension, os-teochondrosis and diabetes is distinctly traced.

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  • Devterova N.I.
    Efficiency of various techniques of the soil and fertilizer processing at clover cultivation in a crop rotation in southern foothill zone of Adyghea

    The paper discusses the influence of various ways of processing the soil and types and norms of fertilizers on productivity of 2 year clover. As a result of researches we revealed efficiency of an after-effect processing by a chizel plow and of all fertilizers introduced under crops of a clover. A bioenergetic assessment of various techniques of cultivation is given. The most highly profitable and energetically preferable variants are revealed. Energy effect of the after-effect processing by a chizel plow is higher than that of a plowing. As a result of researches we have detected that the energy unit enclosed in production provides 5 units of a bioenergy.

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  • Pshikanokova N.I.
    Labour market and migratory processes in Russia

    Problems of regulation of labor migration are investigated in the context of processes of globalization and worldwide policy of immigration. Russia became the center of regional migratory system now that is explained by excess of labor migration of number of the persons arriving in the country to a constant residence. Need of improvement of regulation policy of labor migration is proved on the basis of assessment of its scales and effects.

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  • Ushkho A.D., Feklistov G.S.
    Study of FitzHugh-Nagumo differential model

    The mathematically exact proof is given to the behavior of solutions of FitzHugh-Nagumo differential system in different areas of the phase plane at certain values of parameters.

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  • Shovgenov D.A.
    Combinatorial-geometric characteristics of the problem of a balanced complete bipartite subgraph

    In this paper, we study graph of polyhedron of the following problem. A complete edge-weighted bipartite graph is given. We consider all of its complete subgraphs with fixed number of vertices. It is required to find among them a subgraph with the minimum (maximum) total weight of edges.

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  • Stash A.Kh.
    On rigorous inequalities between the lower and higher main frequencies of the third order differential equation

    Rigorous inequality conditions have been obtained between lower and higher main frequencies of linear homogeneous third-order differential equation with continuous bounded coefficients.

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  • Shishkin A.B.
    Algebraic orientation of sets (ordering sets). I. Simplexing

    The paper develops an algebraic approach to orientation and introduces the concepts of partially simplex set and quite simplex set. It has been shown that any partial order generates the corresponding ratio of the partial simplex. This procedure generates a complete attitude of complete simplex. It follows that any set can be well-simplexed.

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    Technical Sciences

  • Kashin Ya.M., Kashin A.Ya., Knyazev A.S., Raklo A.V.
    Research on dependence of capacity of synchronous electric machines on the main sizes and frequency of the rotor rotation

    The paper deals with the choice of the main sizes of the electric machine at a design n stage. The work provides the results of researches on influence of change of the main sizes of the synchronous generator and frequency of the rotor rotation on change of its phase pressure and capacity.

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  • Panesh A.Kh.
    The advantages and disadvantages of software-defined computer networks

    The paper summarizes three directions of the implementation of Software Defined Networking (SDN): SDN based on Open SDN, SDN based on existing APIs and SDN via Hypervisor-based overlay networks. In the first case, the OpenFlow protocol is used, in the second case RESTful API for network management is used and in the third case hypervisors of virtual machines in data center are used. The paper shows that the choice of a SDN when building a computer network depends on the particular network requirements, taking into account the advantages and disadvan-tages of options considered.

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  • Kashin Ya.M., Kashin A.Ya., Knyazev A.S., Raklo A.V.
    Through designing synchronous electric machines with permanent magnets

    The paper describes a through design of electromechanical devices and the stages of through design of electric machines (EM). A design of radial, axial and conic synchronous EM with permanent magnets (PM) is considered. The way to realize the first stage of through design of synchronous EM with PM using the developed technique of their design is described. The way to realize the second stage of through design of synchronous EM with PM by automatic construction of three-dimensional models of EM in program Maxwell 16 is described. Three-dimensional computer models of axial and radial synchronous generators with PM and results of their analysis in program Maxwell 16 are presented. Possibility of using the program Ansys Workbench 14.5 for complex analysis of EM is described at per-formance of the second stage of through designing EM. The third and fourth stages of through designing EM are not considered in the paper.

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