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#2 / 2016

Biological Sciences

  • Pogodina S.V.
    Age and adaptive changes in glucocorticoid activity of suprarenal cortex in the body of highly skilled male athletes

    The severity of age-appropriate adaptive features of glucocorticoid activity in an organism of highly skilled athletes is shown in the character of the glucocorticoid response and in the size range of the glucocorticoid response.

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  • Pshukova R.Z., Shaov M.T., Pshikova O.V.
    Remote control of the functions of cardiovascular system with the help of an imprinting technology (“Kardioton”)

    As a result of an analysis of the physiological parameters of the body through noninvasive electrocardiography, electrophysiology and pulse oximetry donor signals of synchronized action were selected. Electroacoustic heart signals “Kardioton” were transferred to recipients, located at great distances. The action of “Kardioton” on physiological indicators of cardiovascular system was analyzed: oxygen saturation, photoplethysmogram and Kerdo vegetative index. Under the influence of this technology there occurs a significant pressure decrease (P<0,05) and normalization of oxygen saturation against a background of regulation of vegetative index of the body in the sympathicotonia, as well as reducing the amplitude of photoplethysmogram. The findings may have practical significance for health care systems, sports and recreational facilities, as well as in the field of bioinformatic technologies. The data obtained confirm the theory of remote control of physiological functions and adaptation of an organism.

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  • Vasilyeva V.V., Palieva N.V., Botasheva T.L., Linde V.A., Gudz E.B.
    Features of spectral electroencephalographic characteristics in pregnant women with normal and disturbed metabolism depending on stereoisomerism of the utero-placental complex

    Two hundred and thirty five pregnant women were involved in the spectral analysis of the brain bioelectric activity in the dynamics of gestation with normal and disturbed metabolism. It is established that during pregnancy the qualitatively new intercentral and interhemispheric relations of electrical processes of different areas of the neocortex are formed which are associated with the formation and functioning of a gestational dominant. The left-side EEG activation of temporal-central areas of the brain is a prognostically favorable sign of gestation development, and its lack is typical of pregnant women with various kinds of metabolic disorders.

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  • Nagoeva M.A., Shaov M.T., Pshikova O.V., Batyrova F.M., Bizhoeva A.A.
    Change of adaptive capacity and level of sugar in the body under the influence of high altitude impulse hypoxia and “Sfigmoton”

    The adaptation of an organism to natural, industrial and social conditions is a universal phenomenon. Since the baby’s birth its organism suddenly gets in absolutely new conditions and is forced to adapt the activities of all its organs and systems to them. In this regard, this work studies the integrated effect of high-altitude hypoxia and “Sfigmoton” technology whose activities are aimed at improving adaptive capabilities of the organism. The blood pressure is determined by the method of Korotkov and the adaptive capacity is defined according to Baevsky’s formula. Throughout the study the value of adaptive capacity changed in an oscillatory mode, tending to be stabilized compared to the background.

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  • Doeva A.N., Gagieva Z.A.
    Assessment of the hemodynamic parameters at wrestlers

    The paper examines new approaches to the assessment of the functional state of the wrestlers. It is established that hemodynamic parameters of wrestlers at rest, after exercise and during the recovery period point to a high level of fitness.

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  • Pshikova O.V., Shaov M.T., Sharibova A.Z., Tatarova O.P., Balkarova M.M.
    Dynamics of heart rate and Kerdo index under the influence of “Sfigmoton” imprinting technology and high-altitude short-term hypoxia

    One of the leading problems of modern biology and medicine is the study of the laws of adaptation processes and homeostasis when the body is exposed to various perturbing factors of external environment. These problems are closely related to each other, because the basis of adaptation is a constant interaction of homeostatic and adaptive mechanisms of regulation. And if the first of them transfer the vital functions of the body to a new level of functioning, the latter stabilize the reached condition. Adaptation of the organism to various stimuli of the environment is due to the expenditure of functional reserves, which allow preservation of a vital homeostasis. In this regard, in this study it was decided to establish an effective way of adapting with the help of “Sfigmoton” technology, and high-altitude short-term hypoxia on the cardiovascular system. It is inferred that the action of “Sfigmoton” model and high-altitude impulse hypoxia are of a sta-bilizing nature. Data obtained as a result of experiments can promote further search for new and effective modes of “Sfig-moton” work with the aim of improving the regulatory adaptive mechanisms.

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  • Palieva N.V., Botasheva T.L., Linde V.A., Kapustyan E.G., Shubitidze M.G.
    Influence of morphofunctional asymmetries of the “mother-placenta-fetus” system on hemodynamic processes in the utero-placental complex depending on the nature of metabolism in a female organism

    Research of the blood flow in vessels of the utero-placental-fetus complex was conducted in women in the course of trimester I, II and III of pregnancy depending on the nature of metabolism and the location of placenta. It was established that women with metabolic disorders in the course of pregnancy had an increase of SDR values in vessels of the utero-placental-fetus complex as compared with the group of normal metabolism. The increase of SDR values in case of metabolic disorders prevails in women with left-side and ambilateral locations of placenta, since in case of the left-side placental laterality we observe a summation of the anatomically caused hemodynamic deficit of left uterine segments with the endothelial dysfunction in case of metabolic disorders, which contributes to intensification of the spasm of minute vessels of the placenta.

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  • Khasanova N.N., Silantyev M.N., Chelyshkova T.V.
    The functional state of nervous system and visual analyzer at students of pedagogical college working on a computer in Informatics classes

    The paper discusses the influence of computers on the functional state of students’ organisms. It has been revealed that the students of college working on a computer show a substandard intellectual performance by the end of occupations; the number of students with the expressed fatigue and an aggravation of symptoms of the visual analyzer increase that testifies to tension of the functional condition of the central nervous system. Dependence of intellectual performance and degree of fatigue at students of college after work on the computer is established.

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  • Kazenov E.A.
    Geographical specialities of Russian Internet market

    This paper shows geographical properties of Internet market in Russia. The main categories of products are allocated and devided by segments. The development of regional Internet markets is analyzed. The factors influencing the development of Internet market in Russia are uncovered. Extent of penetration of the Internet in Russia is defined and geographical features of Internet trade are revealed.

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  • Shumafov M.M.
    Stabilization of unstable steady states of dynamical systems Part 2. Stationary and nonstationary stabilization, pole assignment

    In this work, the output feedback stabilization and pole assignment problems in the control of linear time-invariant systems are reviewed, and corresponding results are presented along with a literature review. The main results on solving the Brockett’s problem on stabilization of linear controllable systems by nonstationary feedback control are presented. The theorems on low- and high frequency stabilization of linear systems are formulated. In particular, necessary and sufficient conditions for stabilization of unstable steady states of two- and three-dimensional dynamical systems in terms of the system parameters are given. These conditions show that an introduction in the system a nonsta-tionary feedback, in general, extends the possibilities of stabilization by ordinary stationary feedback control. The results delivered can be applicable to the analysis and design of linear control systems, and also to the stability analysis of nonlinear control systems in the neighborhood of unstable equilibrium points.

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  • Roytenberg V.Sh.
    On the generation of a periodic trajectory out of a point of intersection of lines of discontinuity of a vector field

    The paper examine piecewise smooth planar vector fields in a neighborhood of singular point on the intersection of their lines of discontinuity. We describe a bifurcation of generation of periodic orbits.

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  • Stash A.Kh.
    Properties of the main complete and vector frequencies of rigorous signs of the linear homogeneous third order differential equations

    The paper examines the continuity in terms of the uniform topology of the main complete (vector) frequencies of rigorous changes of signs on a set of the simple homogeneous differential equations of the third order with restricted coefficients. Existence of points in which each of these functionals is not invariant respectively infinitesimal indignations is established.

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  • Rustanov A.R., Kharitonova S.V.
    Class R1 NC10 variety

    The paper shows that quite integrable NC10 structure is most precisely cosymplectic. The identity of Riemannian curvature of almost contact metric varieties of NC10 class called the first complementary identity of curvature of NC10 variety has been obtained. On its basis the class of NC10 varieties, the tensor of Riemannian curvature of which meets condition R(ξ , Ō2 Õ)ξ=0 , , is allocated. The paper proves that the allocated class of varieties coincides with a class of most precisely cosymplectic varieties. The local characterization of this class of varieties has been obtained.

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  • Ikonnikova E.V.
    On the second theorem of N.N. Bogolyubov-N.M. Krylov on averaging principle for functional differential inclusions of neutral type

    The aim of this paper is to examine the existence of periodic solutions for abstract functional-differential inclusions of neutral type having the standard form for averaging method's problems, where a small positive parameter is contained as a multiplier in the right-hand side of inclusion. The solution of the problem reduces to construction of an integral operator the fixed points of which are solutions of the functional-differential inclusion. This operator is condensing relative special measure of noncompactness that allows us to apply topological degree theory for condensing operators. This result is analog of the classical averaging principle of N.N. Bogolyubov-N.M. Krylov.

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  • Stash A.Kh., Ushkho A.D., Esin A.D.
    On discontinuity of younger frequencies of weak signs and hyper roots on a set of the simple homogeneous third order differential equations

    The continuity is studied in terms of the uniform topology of younger complete and vector frequencies of weak signs and hyper roots on a set of the simple homogeneous differential equations of the third order with restricted coefficients. Existence of points in which each of these functionals is not invariant respectively infinitesimal indignations is established.

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    Technical Sciences

  • Kizdermishov A.A., Kizdermishova S.Kh.
    The functions carried out by a control and management system to access the fire at socially important objects

    We consider the joint application of management and access control systems and means of fire alarm systems. Recommendations are given on the choice of technical equipment for the access control and management systems.

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  • Boltovskiy D.V.
    Analysis of variance of indicators of the educational monitoring at higher school

    An analysis is made of variance of dynamics of outcomes of the first semester on higher mathematics of students of a full-time course of study at Power Institute of Tomsk Polytechnic University. Reviewing is made in system of 3 indicators: EC – outcomes of test entering control on the mathematics; CERT – outcomes of current certification for higher mathematics; EX – outcome of classical examination. Within the limits of a parametrical analysis of variance of repeated measurements, the dynamics of progress at institute level is estimated and the conclusion is drawn on highly significant distinction (a significance level š<0,0005) between EC and EX, and also between EC and CERT. Thus distinction between EX and CERT is strongly significant (0,0005<š<0,005). Application of a non-parametric (rank) analysis of variance of Friedman with repeated measurements has confirmed outcomes of a parametrical analysis of variance of repeated measurements. On the basis of an analysis of variance for independent samples, the conclusion is drawn on strongly significant heterogeneity of CERT and on weak-statistically significant heterogeneity (š≈0.05) of EC and EX on a population of groups. Homogeneous (insignificantly differing) clusters of group averages for each indicator are defined. Non-parametric alternatives of one-way analysis of variance for independent statistical samples (the Kruskal-Wallis criterion and the median test) confirm the conclusion drawn on the basis of F-criterion about a significance level of CERT heterogeneity and soften the importance of EC and EX heterogeneity to weak (0,05<š<0,10). On the basis of results of educational monitoring, proposals on improvement of quality of students’ progress are formulated. Outcomes of the carried out statistical analysis can be considered within the limits of passing reform of higher education.

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