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the series “Natural-Mathematical and Technical Sciences” The Bulletin of the Adyghe State University,
the series “Natural-Mathematical and Technical Sciences”
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#1 / 2021

Biological Sciences

Chernyavskaya I.V., Domracheva N.A., Tolstikova T.N. Influence of the urban environment on the concentration of photosynthetic pigments and the intensity of photosynthesis of plants of the genus Acer L.


Shumafov M.M. Second-order stochastic differential equations: stability, dissipativity, periodicity. III. – A survey
Roytenberg V.Sh. On the number of periodic solutions for some differential equations in which the right-hand sides are polynomials with periodic coefficients

Technical Sciences

Teploukhov S.V., Chernenko A.A., Onishchenko S.V., Avdzhiyan A.A. Hardware implementation of an intelligent multipoint temperature sensor on the Arduino platform
Cherkasov A.N., Turkin E.A., Chemulova A.V. Development of a verbal cyber deviant model in the study of online communities based on multinomial logistic regression
Kashin Ya.M., Knyazev A.S., Kopelevich L.E., Samorodov A.V., Gorbunov I.A. Method for determining the overall dimensions of equivalent electric machines with permanent magnets
Chastikova V.A., Abbasova S.S. Aspects of using convolutional neural networks for detecting hidden information in images
Cherkasov A.N., Turkin E.A. Choosing the appropriate artificial neural network architecture for text classification
Chastikova V.A., Zangiev T.T., Voroshilova E.I., Korotetskaya K.V. Analysis of the use of machine learning methods to solve the problems of detecting malicious Android applications
Dovgal V.À., Dovgal D.V. Analysis of the problems of ensuring information security of wireless sensor networks and methods of ensuring the security of the Internet of Things
Kumratova A.M., Vasilenko I.I., Kurnosova N.S., Grigoryev D.Yu., Dyudyuk M.V. Automation of complex research on complex processes based on phase analysis

#2 / 2021


Shumafov M.M. Second-order stochastic differential equations: stability, dissipativity, periodicity. IV. – A survey
Roytenberg V.Sh. Planar vector fields with central symmetry: roughness and first degree of non-roughness
Ushkho A.D. On acyclicity of quadratic system with two non-rough foci

Technical Sciences

Cherkasov A.N., Sivenko A.V. Development of a model for ensuring the security of a social network account based on a neural network algorithm
Gushansky S.M., Potapov V.S., Kovalenko M.S. Development and research of software and methods for constructing quantum algorithms for solving NP class problems
Chastikova V.A., Pseush A.G. Data mining in the construction of individual educational trajectories
Dovgal V.À., Meretukova S.K., Sheredko D.I. Organization of secure remote access for an employee of a commercial company working outside the office
Samoylov A.N., Borodyansky Yu.M., Voloshin A.V. Photogrammetric measurement system generating algorithm by primary input data
Cherkasov A.N., Turkin E.A. Development of the malware detection model based on an analysis of API request sequences