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the series “Natural-Mathematical and Technical Sciences” The Bulletin of the Adyghe State University,
the series “Natural-Mathematical and Technical Sciences”
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#1 / 2017

Biological Sciences

Sirotyuk E.A., Gunina G.N. Ontogenesis of Convallaria transcaucasica Utkin ex Grossh. in the oak forests of the Adyghea Republic
Shumilov D.S., Tuguz A.R., Smolkov I.V., Tatarkova E.A., Muzhenya D.V., Ashkanova T.M., Kushu L.T. Gene polymorphisms of the main pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines: IL-1&#61538; (T511C, RS16944), TNF-&#945; (G308A, RS1800629), IL-4 (C589T, RS2243250) in coronary atherosclerosis
Ocheret N.P., Tuguz F.V. Physical and chemical researches and environmental monitoring of coastal soils of the Krasnodar reservoir
Tkhakushinov R.A., Lysenkov S.P., Dautov Yu.Yu., Urakova T.Yu. Correlation between the level of leptin and separate morpho-physiological parameters of patients with an excess weight
Pchikhachev E.K., Korzun B.V. Introduction of a pawpaw three-blade (Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal.) in a foothill zone of Adyghea
Sirotyuk E.A., Ayba E.A., Gergiya I.G. Genus Gentiana L. in Ritsinsky relic national park (Republic of Abkhazia)
Smolkov I.V., Tuguz A.R., Shumilov D.S., Kushu L.T., Muzhenya D.V., Ashkanova T.M., Tatarkova E.A., Kulova I.G. Role of gene polymorphisms of a folate cycle in development of peripheral atherosclerosis in ethnic groups of the Adyghea Republic
Gudkova G.N., Kuzenko M.V. Morphological features of a culm of the lodging-resistant wintering oats
Didenko S.N. Change in indicators of some hormones of hypothalamo-hypophysial adrenal axis, defined in saliva under the influence of standard physical activity at young athletes
Badov A.D., Dzhioeva V.D. Natural conditions and resources as an important factor of sustainable socio-economic development of South Ossetia


Roytenberg V.Sh. On the generation of limit cycles of a polynomial system from the infinity
Rustanov A.R., Salakhov A.Z., Khairov R.A. An axiom of Ô-holomorphic (2r+1)-planes for almost contact metric manifolds of class NC10


Beglaryan M.E. Magnet current tubes in the axion Sun luminosity

Technical Sciences

Kashin Ya.M., Kashin A.Ya., Knyazev A.S., Kopelevich L.E., Samorodov A.V. Methodology for the calculation of synchronous electric machines with excitation from permanent magnets for wind-solar energy sources
Kasparyan M.S., Aliev M.V., Ginnyatulin M.N. Block encoding hyperspectral imaging with adaptive selection of encoding transformation
Kashin Ya.M., Knyazev A.S., Kashin A.Ya., Bats V.A. Current state of emergency aviation turbines and their classification
Kizdermishov A.A., Kizdermishova S.Kh. Improvement of system of the accredited certification centers as a uniform information-technical and organizational-legal problem
Kashin Ya.M., Kashin A.Ya., Knyazev A.S., Kopelevich L.E., Samorodov A.V. Optimization of weight and dimensions of the equivalent synchronous electrical machines
Gorbatkova T.F., Vasilchenko N.P. Questions of construction with regard to seismology of Krasnodar Region and Adyghea Republic

#2 / 2017

Biological Sciences

Hubert E. Blum The microbiome: key player in human health and disease. Review article
Shakhanova A.V., Chelyshkova T.V. Features of the development of somatotropic function of the pituitary gland and the adrenal cortex (cortisol) in boys aged 8–17 years
Smolkov I.V., Shumilov D.S., Tuguz A.R., Kushu L.T., Muzhenya D.V., Ashkanova T.M., Tatarkova E.A. Gene polymorphisms of proinflammatory cytokines associated with ischemic stroke
Tolstikova T.N., Beskrovnaya A.Yu., Chernyavskaya I.V., Ednich E.M. Wood introduced species in the Herbarium of the Adyghe State University. Catalog of the Herbarium of May (part II)
Tuguz F.V. Formation and evolution of auls in the contemporary territory of the Republic of Adyghea
Shaov M.T., Pshikova O.V., Zhemukhova D.A. Dynamics of the content of CO2 and SaO2 in the human blood under the influence of neuroimpriting technologies
Pshikanokova N.I., Pshikanokova N.D. Monitoring technique of working out the strategy of the region development
Kagazezheva N.Kh., Kolomiytseva N.S. The analysis of factors influencing the state of school students’ health in the Republic of Adyghea


Shishkin A.B. Algebraic orientation of sets (ordering sets). III. Integral with respect to a projection
Rustanov A.R. NC10 -manifolds of class R3
Stash A.Kh. On some properties of total and vector hyper frequencies of two-dimensional differential system solutions
Rustanov A.R., Kharitonova S.V., Kazakova O.N. NC10-manifolds of class R4

Technical Sciences

Dovgal V.À. Features of obtaining information on parameters of keystroke dynamics
Vlasenko À.V., Dzoban P.I. Vulnerability analysis and simulation of “https” data traffic attacks
Tsybulko A.M., Artamonov A.M., Efremov A.A. Calculation of a profile of a side trunk for the well of the Koshekhabl field
Vlasenko À.V., Dzoban P.I., Zhuk R.V. Protection of personal data when authorizing a user in distributed information systems based on Web-technologies
Kodzheshau M.A. Technologies and algorithms of information security
Aliev M.V., Alieva M.F., Egorov V.V. Internet application for placing and analyzing the effectiveness of advertisements in the network