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#4 / 2016

Biological Sciences

  • Shakhanova A.V., Kuzmin A.A., Grechishkina S.S.
    Typological belonging of athletes and evaluation of the body's aerobic performance when doing competitive sports

    The paper deals with the questions of search of dependence of the functionality of the body upon anthropometric typology that can serve as a criterion for the development of individual mechanisms of adaptation in muscle activity. The experiment was conducted in longitudinal mode for 3 years in the Laboratory of Physiology of Child Development at Research Institute of Complex Problems of the Adyghe State University. The contingent of the examined included young athletes from youth sports school of Olympic reserve and skilled athletes of the Institute of Physical Culture and Judo of Adyghe State University in Maikop, Russia. The total number of surveyed was 80 people aged 10 to 20 years. Somatotypological approach was proposed to solve the problem of individualization of training loads. It is inferred that the main risk group in the framework of the basketball and football training consists of representatives of brachymorphic body type, who have the lowest rates of VO2Max, whereas the highest were revealed between the repre-sentatives of different somatotypes under aerobic productivity of an organism, determining individual typological dif-ferences in general endurance and adaptation capabilities of the athletes’ organism.

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  • Tkhakushinov R.A., Lysenkov S.P., Tuguz A.R., Smolkov I.V., Shumilov D.S., Muzhenya D.V.
    LEPR (Arg223Gln), FTO (A23525T), ADRB3 (Trp64Arg) and PPARG (Pro12Ala) gene polymorphisms under normal and excess body weight

    The paper explores polymorphic variants of leptin receptor genes (LEPR, Arg223Gln, rs1137101), FTO obesity gene (the fat mass and obesity-associated gene, A23525T, rs9939609), the beta-3 adrenergic receptor gene (ADRB3, Trp64Arg, rs4994) and the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma PPARG (Pro12Ala, rs1801282) at per-sons with the overweight and obesity of different degree of expressiveness. It is inferred that 23525T allele of FTO gene and 64Arg SNP of ADRB3 gene are associated with degree III obesity and a metabolic syndrome. Frequencies 64Arg SNP of ADRB3 gene are reliably (Р =0.004) raised at men with degree III obesity in combination with a metabolic syndrome.

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  • Tsikunib A.D., Goncharova S.A., Demchenko Yu.A.
    Optimization of calibration schedule algorithm by a fluorimetric method of selenium definition in potable water with the use of different calibration sampes

    The algorithm is optimized for creation of calibration schedules by a fluorimetric method of selenium definition in potable water with the use of different calibration samples, such as a metal selenium, sodium selenite and the state stan-dard samples (SSS).

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  • Tuguz F.V., Ocheret N.P.
    Ecological situation caused by development of resettlement in the territory of Adyghea Republic

    The paper examines the ecological situation in the Adyghea Republic caused by development of resettlement. The major anthropogenic factors influencing the ecological situation of Adyghea Republic are presented. The analysis of degree of impurity of its territory is provided. Ecological division into districts of the territory according to four scales is carried out.

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  • Melnikova T.N.
    Monitoring of the water regime, norm and many-year variability of the annual runoff of the Azov-Kuban plain rivers

    Calculations are made of mathematical models of the norm of the annual river runoff and its long-term variability in the main water catchment basins of the Azov-Kuban plain. Division into districts of its river basins in terms of the rate of stream flow is carried out. Calculated mathematical models of the norm of the annual river runoff in the Azov-Kuban plain and division into districts according to the rate of stream flow are required to carry out the water management and geographic-hydrological division of the region into districts.

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  • Chermit K.D., Zabolotniy A.G., Elnikova O.O.
    Symmetry of kinematic structure of locomotions of the person

    An optical system of the three-dimensional video analysis of movements is used to establish that at the athletes who are going in for powerlifting the spatial-temporal order of joint motion when performing squats is displayed in the form of a dynamic symmetry and dynamic asymmetry. A dynamic symmetry of joint motion is characterized by kinematic structure at which the spatial-temporal order of angular movements during a joint extension is the inverse spatial-temporal order of angular movements during flexion. Violation of a dynamic symmetry is observed at building up the weight of more than 60% of maximal. A dynamic symmetry of angular movements in talocrural, knee and coxofemoral joints in the course of an ontogeny is formed heterotropously. The obtained data will allow development of a technique of evaluation test of realization of the person’s movement skills on the basis of the systemic-symmetric approach, as well as a technique of perfecting natural locomotions in the course of sports perfecting and in the course of ontogeny.

    pdf 108-121.pdf  (856 Kb)

  • Khatkov K.Kh., Daguzhieva Z.Sh.
    Influence of new humic materials on efficiency of winter wheat in a foothill zone of Adyghea Republic

    This paper discusses the results of researches related to application of humates as growth factors on crops of winter wheat. Data are provided on influence of various forms and ways of their application on structure of a harvest and productivity of culture.

    pdf 122-126.pdf  (301 Kb)

  • Ulimbasheva A.A., Khashkhozheva D.A., Shaov M.T., Pshikova O.V.
    Hemodynamic changes after the combined frequency impact on the human body

    The study examines the combined effect of neuroinformation signals of different frequencies modulated by pulse hypoxia on the effector activity of the cardiovascular system. The aim of this work is to study the effect of these signals on the peripheral vascular resistance, systolic volume of the heart and the average dynamic arterial pressure. We have found that during the frequency impact the systolic volume, the contractile myocardium force and the driving force of blood flow increase. Activation of effectors of cardiovascular system brings blood flow to conformity with metabolic needs of organism. Adaptation to hypoxia and adverse climatic and environmental factors is generated under the influence of neuroinformation signals. The proposed mode of frequency impact is developed by M.T. Shaov and data on this research are few in the literature.

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  • Blagopoluchnaya O.A.
    Features of yielding many-year leguminose grasses against the background of energy conservation techniques of soil processing

    The paper gives the results of studying the dump soil processing, the nonmouldboard chizel shallow soil processing by KPE-3,8 antierosion plow and the surface soil processing by BDM-4,5 grassland disk harrow. Results of researches show that in the Republic of Adyghea the merged chernozem processing without turnover of layer with chizel within four years and single-pass shallow processing do not cause decrease in a harvest of green material and hay of a clover of the first year of life in comparison with a harvest on the plowed soil. In the average in two years the greatest harvest of a clover was obtained when soil was processed with chizel within four years – 116,8 c/hectare.

    pdf 134-137.pdf  (285 Kb)

  • Tseeva N.A., Zolotseva E.V., Chuntyzheva Z.I., Chuvakin A.L., Ushkho Yu.D., Tkhakumacheva Yu.B.
    Correction of faults in posture at special medical group students by means of medical physical culture

    The correct posture is one of important indexes of health since it provides optimum conditions for functioning of all organs and systems of an organism as a whole. The main means for formation of the correct posture are the special corrective exercises aimed at the harmonious development of a locomotorium. The paper proves expediency of use of the means of medical physical culture providing correction of faults in posture at the students who are engaged in spe-cial medical groups.

    pdf 138-142.pdf  (345 Kb)

  • Kuzenko M.V., Khatkov K.Kh.
    Winter wheat in Adyghea

    This paper presents the results of studying cultivars of soft winter wheat, technology of seed-growing work which is carried out at the Adyghe Research Institute of Agriculture and data on Maikopchanka cultivar implementation in pro-duction.

    pdf 143-147.pdf  (327 Kb)

  • Erofeevskaya L.A.
    Anthropogenically changed microflora of the soil ecosystem as possible link in the chain of opportunistic infections

    An analysis is made of statistical processing results of bacteriological researches of soils in residential zones of Yakutia. As a result of increasing anthropogenic load on the ecosystem, biological activity of the soil reduces and the true representatives of soil microbiocenoses decrease, which in turn, increases the negative impact of soils on human health. Against the background of reduced findings of indicator bacteria (enterococci and Escherichia), in Yakutia soils more common are toxic species of fungi of the genus Fusarium, Mucor and Aspergillus, which also can cause diseases transmitted through environmental objects. It is inferred that anthropogenically changed microflora of the soil ecosystem shapes the state of health of the population and the microbial contamination of the soil and other objects of a surrounding medium is a possible link in the chain of opportunistic diseases.

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  • Botova L.N.
    Features of hemodynamics in 8–10-year-old girls gymnasts in response to the training exercises

    The aim of this work is to determine the characteristics of hemodynamics in young girls gymnasts aged 8–10 years with different initial vegetative tone in response to the training exercises. The study was attended by 60 girls gymnasts aged 8–10 years, whose training experience was 4±0,5 years and III and II qualification sports category. Depending on the initial vegetative tone, gymnasts displayed different responses to the training load: gymnasts with moderate sympathetic activity showed reduced reactivity of systems of regulation of blood circulation, gymnasts with hyperactivity of the sympathetic nervous system showed a paradoxical reaction, with moderate activity of the parasympathetic nervous system – optimal reaction and with hyperactivity of the parasympathetic nervous system – excessive reaction.

    pdf 153-156.pdf  (310 Kb)


  • Шумафов М.М.
    Стабилизация неустойчивых состояний равновесия динамических систем.*** Часть 3. Стабилизация обратной связью с запаздыванием. – Обзор****

    Настоящая статья является продолжением двух предыдущих статей: части 1 и части 2 данной работы. В первой части был сделан краткий обзор работ по стабилизации неустойчивых состояний равновесия управляемых динамических систем, были сформулированы постановки задач. Во второй части был сделан обзор результатов работ по стационарной стабилизации линейных управляемых систем, а также работ по проблеме управления спектром матрицы (назначение полюсов). Здесь, в третьей части, дан обзор работ по стабилизации неустойчивых состояний равновесия обратной связью с запаздыванием. Приведены результаты работ по стабилизации неустойчивых состояний равновесия двумерных динамических систем. Даны необходимые и/или достаточные условия стабилизируемости в терминах параметров систем. Эти условия показывают, что введение в систему обратной связи с запаздыванием расширяет в целом возможности ста-билизации при отсутствии запаздывания в обратной связи. Результаты могут быть использованы при иссле-довании устойчивости состояний равновесия нелинейных хаотических динамических систем.

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  • Shishkin A.B.
    Algebraic orientation of sets (ordering sets). II. Measure for a projection

    Bases of the measure-theory for a projection on partially simplexized subsets R in the n-degree are described. The accompanying concepts are studied (border on a projection, components on a projection, the atlas on a projection). Technology of coordination of simplexized set and its borders on a projection is explained.

    pdf 28-42.pdf  (466 Kb)

  • Roytenberg V.Sh.
    On the generation of a strange attractor from a joining point of lines of discontinuity of a vector field

    The paper examine generic two-parameter families of piecewise smooth planar vector fields in a neighborhood of a singular point on the junction of their lines of discontinuity with the following properties: the singular point is stable for zero values of parameters and a strange attractor is generated from it under certain variations of parameters.

    pdf 53-59.pdf  (455 Kb)

  • Rustanov A.R.
    On NC10-manifolds of class R2

    We have obtained the identities of the Riemann curvature of almost contact metric manifolds class NC10. Also an additional second identity of the Riemann curvature tensor has been obtained, and, on its basis sub-class of NC10-manifolds, called class of NC10-manifolds of R2 class was allocated. It is proved that this class coincides with the NC10-manifolds of R1 class. It is proved that NC10-manifolds being almost C(λ)-manifolds are cosymplectic. Local characterization of these manifolds has been obtained.

    pdf 43-48.pdf  (497 Kb)

  • Stash A.Kh.
    Example of discrepancy of the complete and vector frequencies of hyper roots of solutions of the third order differential equation

    An example is given of the simple homogeneous differential equation of the third order with the continuous coefficients limited on a positive semiaxis, for some solution of which the complete and vector frequencies of hyper roots do not coincide.

    pdf 49-52.pdf  (315 Kb)

  • Ushkho A.D., Feklistov G.S., Ushkho D.S.
    Feature of FitzHugh-Nagumo model

    The character of equilibrium states and questions related to the existence of limit cycles of a differential system FitzHugh-Nagumo are found. Patterns of behavior of the system trajectories in a bounded and infinitely remote parts of the phase plane are established, and phase portraits are constructed.

    pdf 60-67.pdf  (556 Kb)


  • Bedanokov R.A., Boychenko S.E., Feklistov G.S.
    Numerical analysis of the effect of radiation damping on the angular distribution of synchrotron radiation of the spectrum individual harmonics

    The numerical analysis is carried out to study angular dependence of intensity of harmonics of the synchrotron radiation (SR) considering radiation damping when the Lorentz force is much greater than the force of a radiation sliding friction during the charged particle motion in a magnetic field. The paper shows the difference in behavior of angular distribution of integral intensity of the SI and angular distribution of individual harmonics that confirms the theoretical result obtained earlier for the SI not taking into account the effect of radiation damping. It is confirmed that as distinct from integral intensity of the SI, spectral intensities tend to a deconcentration in the orbit plane. Radiation damping slightly deforms angular distributions of intensity of the SI of individual harmonics.

    pdf 68-72.pdf  (413 Kb)

    Technical Sciences

  • Dovgal V.А.
    A review of characteristics of productivity of datasets used to provide information security on the basis of keystroke dynamics

    The paper explores the characteristics of keystroke dynamics datasets and analyzes their advantages and features.

    pdf 157-163.pdf  (366 Kb)

  • Simankov V.S., Tkachenko A.A.
    Methodological basis of the application of modeling tools and formalization of systems, taking into account the uncertainty in the structure of intelligent system of situational center

    The paper deals with the methodological aspects of the modeling system functioning within the intelligent system of the situational center to solve problems in various subject areas. On the basis of the methods considered by the degree of uncertainty which depends on the amount of information available to the decision maker and decision support phases, a simulation model is developed as part of the intelligent system of the situational center.

    pdf 164-170.pdf  (479 Kb)

  • Kizdermishov A.A., Kizdermishova S.Kh.
    Fire safety in the server room

    The paper discusses the choice of server-based premises to place hardware in compliance with requirements of fire safety. The authors propose recommendations and integrated flowcharts of the choice of the room and its reduction in compliance with requirements of normative documents ensuring fire safety in server room.

    pdf 171-176.pdf  (525 Kb)

  • Simankov V.S., Cherkasov A.N.
    Technique of the analysis and synthesis of intelligent system within the situational center

    The paper presents the technique of the analysis and synthesis of intelligent system of the situational center to solve problems of various classes and on its basis to determine the modes of functioning of the situational center. The authors examine the main information systems of the situational center providing the complete cycle of its functioning and describe the sequence of the organization of optimum structure of intelligent system of the situational center.

    pdf 177-181.pdf  (330 Kb)


  • Arakelov A.V., Zhukova I.N., Malykh V.S.
    Searching for various ways of the physical problem solution as means to develop students’ cognitive abilities accoding to FGOS of secondary education

    The paper deals with the organization of the educational process aimed at the development of cognitive abilities of students according to FGOS of secondary education, in particular a technique is provided of searching for various ways of the solution of a physical problem. A problem about movement of the straightforward conductor in a constant homogeneous magnetic field was used as an example to show the principles of the organization of classroom hour in physics promoting development of abilities of the person, formation of skill to investigate and analyze the various physical phenomena. It is noted that the modern textbooks on physics for pupils of high school give only the shortened variants of solution without careful analysis of the occurring phenomena. In a higher school course of the general physics this problem is only an element of more complex problems therefore discussion of details of the solution, in es-sence, drops out of educational process. It is inferred that there is a need to eliminate the arisen didactic defect. Prob-lem solutions in each of three considered cases are analyzed in detail.

    pdf 182-189.pdf  (417 Kb)

  • Khurum R.Yu., Khurum N.S.
    On some approaches to formation of informational competence

    The main ideas of updating higher school education are considered. The emphasis is placed on use of a method of projects as one of important ways of independent work of students promoting formation of informational competence.

    pdf 190-195.pdf  (344 Kb)

  • Arkhipova A.I., Arakelov A.V.
    Technology textbook as the main innovative product of virtual educational cluster

    The characteristic is given of the technology textbook of new generation, which comprises innovative technologies of education with computer support. The authors point out the urgent problems of educational process the solution of which can be promoted by introduction of the textbook in practice of schools. The provision is proved that the innovative pedagogical activity can receive an additional incentive to organize the educational clusters having in-terdisciplinary character.

    pdf 196-202.pdf  (342 Kb)

  • Kodzheshau M.A.
    Use of system of creative tasks at informatics lessons in learning the subject “Logical and Principal Physics of the Computer”

    Topical issues of expansion of methodical tools of training in informatics, transition from traditional tutoring to system of creative tasks and use of research tasks are considered in learning the subject “Logical and Principal Physics of Computer”.

    pdf 203-207.pdf  (331 Kb)

  • Pichkurenko E.A., Arkhipova A.I.
    Structure of an interactive lecture in the context of hermeneutical approach

    The paper presents the technique of holding a lecture the structure of which reflects a method of the hermeneutical circle suggesting that learning scientific texts is built by the principle – from the general to specific, and then from it to the general. According to this technique the content of the lecture breaks into the separate stages finished by independent work of students on a lecture fragment with the help of computer technologies. The short description of these computer educational technologies is given.

    pdf 208-212.pdf  (320 Kb)

  • Arakelov A.V., Zhukova I.N., ,Malykh V.S., Feklistov G.S.
    Principles of problem development for a creative competition of physics teachers

    The paper presents some of the problems developed by authors for the creative competitions of physics teachers held in the Republic of Adyghea in 2014–2016, intended for identification of level of readiness of teachers to solve physical problems of varying complexity and the didactic problems arising in this regard. Author's comments are provided to all presented problems.

    pdf 213-218.pdf  (414 Kb)