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the series “Natural-Mathematical and Technical Sciences” The Bulletin of the Adyghe State University,
the series “Natural-Mathematical and Technical Sciences”
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#1 / 2020

Biological Sciences

Vodolazhskaya M.G., Vodolazhsky G.I. Age dynamics of electroencephalographic parameters of healthy persons with a different levels of aggression


Ushkho D.S., Tlyachev V.B., Ushkho A.D. On the number of invariant straight lines of a n-st order vector field
Shishkin A.B. On axiomatic definition of trigonometric functions

Technical Sciences

Varshanina T.P., Bzhetseva A.B., Plisenko O.A. Basic digital platform methodology for knowledge-based precision farming of the Adyghea Republic
Kashin Ya.M., Belov A.À., Shkoda V.V., Sidorenko V.S., Bordiyan R.N. Generalized algorithm for the selection of the power units for the telecommunication objects
Tukmakov D.A., Tukmakova N.A., Akhunov A. Ay. Numerical study of the propagation of an acoustic pulse from a homogeneous gas into an electrically charged dusty medium
Korzhakov A.V., Korzhakova S.A. Results of experimental studies of the effectiveness of the process of acoustic-magnetic treatment of liquid using the crystal-optical method
Kashin Ya.M., Kopelevich L.E., Samorodov A.V., Golovanov A.A., Feofanova A.S. Direct drive technology for centrifugal separation plants

#2 / 2020


Roytenberg V.Sh. On some bifurcations of reversible piecewise smooth planar dynamical systems
Kozlov V.A., Palandzhyants L.Zh. On the structure of a subalgebra of the second order polynomial multiplicatively integrable matrix functions. VI

Technical Sciences

Ocheredko A.R., Gerasimenko V.S., Putyato M.M., Makaryan A.S. Research of SIEM systems based on the analysis of mechanisms for detecting cyber attacks
Sergeev N.E., Samoylov A.N., Gushansky S.M. Using some plausible reasoning schemes to identify personality traits in a network
Kumratova A.M., Popova E.V., Kurnosova N.S., Sivkov K.A. Complex process management based on the phase analysis method
Chastikova V.A., Malykhina M.P., Petrov V.Ya. Approach to the development of a malware detection software package using convolutional neural networks
Dovgal V.À., Dovgal D.V. Detecting and preventing the man in the middle attack in the foggy layer of a swarm of drones
Kashin Ya.M., Knyazev A.S., Kopelevich L.E., Samorodov A.V., Kashin A.Ya. Procedure of thermal and ventilation calculation of synchronous generator with excitation from permanent magnets for hybrid power complexes and its implementation
Kostyuk A.I., Bespalov D.A., Romanov V.V. The principles of creating a system for processing and storage of GNSS data for the task of perimeter protection
Kumratova A.M. Tools for nonlinear dynamics methods: analysis, forecast and management of a complex process
Kashin Ya.M., Kirillov G.A., Sidorenko V.S., Shkoda V.V., Sharshak A.A. Inductive-acoustic cable detector
Pukhovsky V.N., Gushansky S.M., Potapov V.S., Borodyansky Yu.M. Consideration of techniques for accelerating the simulation of quantum computing and the implementation of an optimization algorithm that excludes the tensor product during modeling