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the series “Natural-Mathematical and Technical Sciences” The Bulletin of the Adyghe State University,
the series “Natural-Mathematical and Technical Sciences”
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#1 / 2008

Mathematics and Computer Sciences

D.D. Mirzov On the equations with property Î1
D.S. Ushkho The new proof of a theorem on an estimation of the number of special points of the second group of cubic differential system
K.U. Khubiev Hellerstedt problem for the loaded equation of the mixed type
E.V. Lutsenko and V.E. Korzhakov The reflective automated control system of quality of training specialists
V.S. Simankov and P.Y. Buchatsky Formation of a tree of the purposes and a system of criteria for efficiency in alternative power engineering on the basis of the system approach
V.S. Simankov and A.V. Shopin A situational logic conclusion on the basis of indistinct clusterization of conditions
A.F. Kizyanov Consideration of an opportunity of expanding indexation of the text on the basis of stimming with automatic indexation of the text in any language
V.N. Korobkov Concept of constructing document control systems in electronic libraries
S.Y. Bedanokova Equation of movement of a soil moisture and mathematical model of moisture content in the soil layer basing on the Aller equation

Physics and Technical Sciences

R.A. Bagov and R. Tsey On principal concepts of the theory of a filtration and on basic stages of its development
A.V. Korzhakov Identification and synthesis of system of acoustic-magnetic processing of a liquid
A.A. Churakov and V.A. Pshenichkina Estimation of influence of statistical variability of rigidity parameters of “a thin-walled compound core – the basis” system on its dynamic characteristics
S.A. Korzhakova and S.A. Rezin'kova Stage of formalization of designing expert monitoring system of professional stratification

Natural Sciences

G.N. Gudkova and M.V. Kuzenko Change of number of roots and suckers in ontogenesis of plants of winter triticale
I.V. Rashevskaya Growth, a mineral feed and production of east goat’s-rue (Galega orientalis L.) at applying increasing portions of phosphorous-potash fertilizers
T.N. Tolstikova and E.M. Ednich Taxonomic composition, vital forms and geography of plants – introducers of family Rosaceae Adans. in a collection of the Adyghe State University Arboretum
N.D. Djimova and S.I. Chitao Ecological-faunistic characteristics of separate representatives of the Protozoa type, living in active silt in clearing constructions of Maikop, Shovgenovsk and Giaginsk areas in Adygheya Republic
E.A. Shebzuhova and K.K. Khutyz History and biology of the Caucasian brown bear in the Northern Caucasus
A.R. Tuguz and M.V. Vershinina Correlation of the basic cytokines in blood of oncologic patients and healthy donors
N.S. Khishtova Studying antagonistic activity of hemolytic E. coli singled out from patients with gastrointestinal diseases
A.V. Shakhanova and I.S. Belenko Psychological and physiological features and mechanisms of adaptation of young football players at the children sports school to the increased muscular activity
A.V. Shakhanova and T.V. Glazun A functional state of an organism of pupils in conditions of application of variation educational and physical training – health improving technologies
A.A. Pseunok Cardiovascular system as the indicator of adaptable opportunities of an organism and specific feature of its activity in pupils of the 5th – 6th classes
N.N. Khasanova Mental capacity for work of pupils of the 3rd and 4th classes training under the experimental program at rural school
M.N. Silantiev Specific features of adaptation of children and teenagers to innovational educational technologies
A.A. Kuzmin The influence of sports activity on ontogenetic development and functional – adaptive opportunities of young football players in children sports schools
T.G. Tuova Hydronyms of Adygheya Republic: geographical aspects of modern research
O.I. Uzdinova Contents of the scientific-historical approach in modern natural sciences (theoretical-methodological substantiation)

Geoinformation Systems

T.P. Varshanina and O.A. Plisenko Problems of technology of automated geographical diagnostics of territory
R.D. Khunagov, B.I. Kochurov and T.P. Varshanina Some aspects of technology of territory geographical diagnostics
T.P. Varshanina, O.A. Plisenko, S.F. Pikin and I.V. Starodub Object-oriented digital model of the topography