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#1 / 2016

Biological Sciences

  • Tatarkova E.A., Tuguz A.R., Tsikunib A.A., Rudenko K.A., Muzhenya D.V., Smolkov I.V., Shumilov D.S.
    Influence of polymorphic folate gene variants on process of early pregnancy interruption at inhabitants of Adyghea Republic

    For the first time a frequency distribution of alleles and genotypes of folate gene polymorphisms (MTHFR 677 C>T, MTHFR 1298 A>C, MTR 2756 A>G, ĚŇRR 66 A>G) is defined for inhabitants of Adyghea Republic, as well as the predictor importance of SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms – single nucleotide replacements) of folate cycle genes at threat of pregnancy interruption in the first trimester is analyzed. A threat of pregnancy interruption in the first trimester at inhabitants of Adyghea Republic is associated with A66 allele (χ2=6,88; Đ=0,009; OR=3.98) and heterozygotic genotype of A66G gene of MTRR which increases 6 times risk of development of pathology (χ2=11,22; Đ=0,004; OR=6,15). “Normal” A66 allele of MTRR gene at the Russian women is related to threat of early pregnancy interruption (χ2=5,54; Đ=0,02; OR=4.72). The disturbances in the course of pregnancy at Adyghes, unlike the Russian women, are associated with “normal” C677 allele (χ2=6,32; Đ=0,01; OR=9.4) and C677C of MTHFR gene genotype (χ2=6.65; Đ=0,04; OR=19,3).

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  • Sirotyuk E.A., Gunina G.N.
    Intraspecific variability of Convallaria transcaucasica Utkin ex Grossh. in the foothill woods of Adyghea

    An analysis is made of intraspecific variability of morphological features of Convallaria Transcaucasica in the oak woods of Adyghea Republic. Variability of the most part of morphological parameters of species is shown to be of mean and high levels. More changeable are signs of the generative sphere. The highest level of variability of the Transcaucasian lily of the valley is noted in fresh hornbeam-oak and beechen-hornbeam-oak plantings on gray forest soils where conditions are optimum for it.

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  • Trishin A.S., Berdichevskaya E.M.
    Stabilographic training simulators in the assessment of specific skills of postural coordination at qualified basketball players

    The paper presents a comparative analysis of successful implementation of arbitrary control of the vertical posture of skilled basketball players and young men who do not practice in the chosen sport. Basketball players, at the expense of the productive use of visual information, against the background of minimal oscillations of the center of pressure of own body, showed a more efficient implementation of arbitrary postural control compared to untrained boys.

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  • Arakhova F.M., Pshikova O.V., Shaov M.T.
    Control of level of adaptive capacity and carbon dioxide in the human body using modulated impulse hypoxia “Sfigmoton”

    We have studied the dynamics of the adaptive capacity of an organism and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the arterial blood under the influence of technology “Sfigmoton” – impulse-frequency signals of pulse of person naturally adapted to the impulse hypoxia. The results of the study show that under the influence of the tested signal, there is an increase of the adaptive capacity of the organism, as evidenced by a significant decrease of adaptive capacity from the level of “stress adaptation mechanisms” to a “satisfactory adaptation” level. During the experiment we also observed the increase and stabilization of carbon dioxide levels in the organism, which in turn points to an increase in the degree of blood supply to vital organs that is of great importance in the conditions of high mountain hypoxia. Data, obtained as af-tereffect, evidence a prolonging impact of studied frequency of the modulated pulse and its high efficiency.

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  • Temiraev R.B., Vityuk L.A., Ktsoeva I.I., Utizhev A.Z., Buglenko G.A., Khagur M.N.
    Use of adsorbents in feeding broiler chickens to improve digestive and intermediate metabolism

    The purpose of research is to study the influence of adsorbents of citrus pectin and toxfin on economically useful indicators of meat chickens and the processes of digestive and intermediate metabolism at heavy metal and aflatoxin B1 detoxification. The results of the experiment show that in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, to improve economically useful indicators and stimulate the digestive and intermediate metabolism of broiler chickens it is neces-sary to include adsorbents of citrus pectin at a rate of 200 g/t and toxfin in the dose of 2,000 g/t of forage in diets based on grains of barley, corn and soybeans with high levels of heavy metals and aflatoxin B1.

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  • Sirotyuk E.A., Ostapenko O.A.
    Conspectus of aquatic and coastal aquatic flora of Adyghea Republic

    The conducted researches supplement and concretize data on a taxonomical variety of aquatic and coastal aquatic flora of Adyghea Republic. The Conspectus contains information about 257 species of flowering plants from 46 families. To characterize species, the following data are provided: a geoelement, the biomorph, the floral ceno-element, the distribution in the Northwest Caucasus, ecological confinedness, a rarity, an endemism and some other data.

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  • Chelysheva S.Sh., Bukareva O.V.
    Influence of linear sources of pollution on a soil algoflora of roadside ecosystems in the neighborhood of the city of Maikop, Adyghea Republic

    We made a research to assess the influence of linear sources of pollution on a soil algoflora. Results of the chemical analysis of the soil on the content of heavy metals and acidity are given. Results of research demonstrate negative influence of linear sources of pollution on a specific variety of soil algae and formation of algosinuziya. Development of biological processes in soils, including formation and development of algoflora, is defined by intensity of anthropogenic influence that can be used for environmental monitoring of various soil ecosystems.

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  • Nagoeva M.A., Shaov M.T., Pshikova O.V.
    Dynamics of arterial pressure indicators under the influence of information signals of the Sfigmoton imprinting technology

    The paper deals with the electroacoustic signals of the pulse (Sfigmoton imprinting technology) adapted to Sfigmoton human impulse hypoxia to such indicators of arterial pressure as systolic, diastolic, pulse and average arterial pressure. As a result we observe a stabilization of the arterial pressure indicators, which points to positive changes in functional reserves of cardiovascular system of the person.

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  • Artemyeva V.V., Dyakova I.N., Bochkareva I.I.
    Morpho-anatomical analysis of Alchemillŕ orthotricha Rothm.

    The paper describes the morphological properties of Alchemilla orthotricha Rothm. growing in the moist subalpine meadows of the Lago-Naki plateau in the Northern Caucasus. The following biometric parameters are considered: the length, width and size of the leaf surface area, and the length of the petioles of basal and stem leaves. The level of variation of these properties in the plants that grow in identical ecological conditions is medium. The characteristic features of the plant’s anatomic structure, as well as of the leaf, the petiole, and the root are thoroughly discussed. The petiole of the basal leaf has three concentric vascular bundles. The results of the microchemical analyses are provided.

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  • Potapova E.V.
    Identification factors of environmental risks of urban areas covered by trees

    According to the results of field supervision over changes in the urban plot of land covered by trees the scheme of major factors of environmental risks is offered and the probability of their manifestation is calculated. It is noted that the greatest probability is characteristic of littering, and vulnerability – of the tree planted areas within a housing estate.

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  • Tkhagapsova G.G.
    On medical environmental monitoring of a state of health of the Adyghea Republic population

    The paper deals with the prospects of the new scientific direction in Adyghea – a medical environmental mapping. Historically the territory of Adyghea is endemic on a number of the diseases which are transferred by the transmission way. Change of a climatic and ecological situation in the region increases risks of emergence of transmissive infections. Creation of special services of the medical environmental mapping will allow us to respond to the arising epidemic situations in due time.

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  • Tlyachev V.B., Ushkho A.D., Ushkho D.S.
    The number of invariant lines of a class of polynomial vector fields

    It is proved that a -th order polynomial vector field having two specific invariant sets, each consisting of parallel invariant straight lines with different angular slopes and , respectively, has at even (odd) no more than ( ) invariant straight lines.

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  • Stash A.Kh.
    On discontinuity of lower zero and root frequencies on a set of third order linear homogeneous differential equations

    The continuity is studied in terms of uniform topology of lower full and vector zero and root frequencies on a set of third order linear homogeneous differential equations with the limited coefficients. Existence of points is established in which each of these functionals is not invariant relatively infinitesimal disturbances.

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  • Bayramukova Z.Kh., Kochkarov A.M., Khapaeva L.Kh.
    An algorithm for calculating the spectra for prefractal graphs with the full three-vertex primers with the non-crossed path old edges

    . In this paper, the problem of calculating the spectra of prefractal graphs, the old edges of which are not crossed on the path, was investigated for the first time. The recurrent formula was obtained for prefractal graph with the full three-vertex primer, which allows us to define the characteristic polynom and significantly simplify the spectrum calculation.

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    Technical Sciences

  • Kizdermishov A.A., Kizdermishova S.Kh.
    On electronic services for submitting open environmentally significant information to citizens

    The paper studies the possibility of obtaining environmental information in electronic form on the Internet. A structured overview of electronic sources of environmental information is provided.

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  • Vlasenko Ŕ.V., Timchenko M.V., Dzoban P.I.
    Creation of neural network model by a method of the “neural network approximator” using the structured knowledge

    A neural network model was developed by using a method of the neural network approximator with application of the structured knowledge. Features and advantages of a method in which there is a live broadcast of all knowledge bases in expert systems are specified. The modern gradient algorithms implemented by the principle of the return distribution of a mistake to reduce training time are studied. All these algorithms possess one essential shortcoming, namely: the choice of primary point for optimization. In most cases of application of multilayer neural networks, a problem of the choice of primary point of optimization is not paid necessary attention. Therefore, the appropriated accidental value is given to all weights. The publication considers the creation of structure of a neural network on the basis of trees of decisions, including calculation of primary values of scales of bonds as the main part of process of development of the neural network. It is shown how the obtained positive values of scales of bonds of an untrained neural network accelerate the process of network training.

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