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#3 / 2015

Biological Sciences

  • Hubert E. Blum
    Basic and clinical sciences in medicine-recent developments and contemporary challenges

    Molecular and cell biology have resulted in major advances in our understanding of disease pathogenesis as well as in novel strategies for the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of human diseases. Based on modern molecular, genetic, microbiologic and biochemical analyses it is on the one hand possible to identify for example disease-related point mutations and single nucleotide polymorphisms. On the other hand, using high throughput array and other technologies, it is for example possible to simultaneously analyze thousands of genes (DNA) or gene products (RNA and proteins), resulting in an individual gene or gene expression profile (‘signa- ture’) or to characterize the individual microbiome and its pathogenetic potential. Such data increasingly allow to define the individual disposition for a given disease and to predict disease prognosis as well as the efficacy of therapeutic strategies in the individual patient (‘personalized medicine’). At the same time, the basic discoveries in cell biology, including embryonic and adult stem cells, induced pluripotent stem cells, genetically modified cells and others, have moved regenerative medicine into the center of biomedical research worldwide with a major translational impact on tissue engineering as well as transplantation medicine. All these aspects have greatly contributed to the recent advances in regenerative medicine and the development novel concepts for the treatment of many human diseases.

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  • Zabolotniy A.G., Chermit K.D., Bguashev A.B., Tkhakumacheva Yu.B.
    Coordination of angular movements by children of the senior preschool age during performance of natural locomotions

    The optical system of the three-dimensional video analysis of movements of Biosoft Company (Russia) was used to explore the kinematic characteristics of a series of squats performed by 5 and 6-year-old children. Graphic trajectories of the angular synkinesia reflecting dependences of angular movements in hard- working joints are studied. Coherence of angular movements is defined in knee and talocrural, in knee and cox- ofemoral, and in talocrural and coxofemoral joints. Discrete and parallel types of coherence of angular move- ments were established during a series of squats performed by 5 and 6-year-old children.

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  • Dinkevich M.A., Stakheev V.V.
    New data on nesting of White-tailed Plover in Southern Russia (Republic of Kalmykia)

    New data on breeding biology of such rare and insufficiently known bird species as White- tailed Plover Vanellochettusia leucura which appeared in Southern Russia only in the 1980-1990s are presented in the paper. In May – June 2011, 2013 and 2014 near Achinery village (Chernozemelskiy District, Republic of Kalmykia) we found 7 nests and 21 eggs of the wader. The highest number of White-ttailed Plover was 12-13 adult individuals in 2011; 4-5 adult waders were counted in the colony in 2010, 2013-2014.

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  • Smolkov I.V.
    Molecular-genetic predictors of the risk of development of peripheral atherosclerosis in the population of the Republic of Adyghea

    An analysis is made of the results of international studies (HuGENet, 1995-2014) on the frequencies of occurrence of Ń677/677T gene polymorphisms of methylenetetrahydrofolatereductase (MTNFR) and polymorphic variant of G197A – interleukin 17 (IL-17A) in different ethnic groups. The author shows a significant increase in frequency of occurrence of C677T (Ala222Val) MTNFR polymorphism in patients with peripheral atherosclerosis in different regions of the world, taking into account the ethnic characteristics of the surveyed populations. Studies on the G197A association of IL-17A polymorphism with the risk of development of peripheral atherosclerosis were conducted only for the Chinese population. For the inhabitants of the Republic of Adyghea there was confirmed the G197 association of allelic variant of IL-17A gene with complications developed against a background of peripheral atherosclerosis.

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  • Bondarenko A.S., Shńhurov V.I., Zamotaylov A.S.
    Distribution and environmental features of Carabus hungaricus (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in the Krasnodar Region

    The paper presents the analysis of literary data and results of field researches on Carabus hun- garicus in the Krasnodar Region. Also the work describes the environmental features of the regional populations of this species.

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  • Palatov D.M., Shapovalov M.I.
    Study materials for amphipods of the genus Gammarus (Amphipoda: Cammaridae) of the Northwest Caucasus

    New data are provided on the findings of amphipods (Gammarus) in the Northwest Caucasus and on their abundance in some watercourses. Material was collected by the authors within 2003-2015 timeline in 18 localities in the territory of Krasnodar Region (the rivers of the Black Sea coast and the Laba River Basin) and in 10 localities in the Republic of Adyghea (the Belaya River Basin). Four species of amphipods belonging to the ge- nus Gammarus: G. balcanicus (Schäferna, 1922), G. chostensis (Martynov, 1932), G. komareki (Schaferna, 1922), and G. cf. pulex were ifentified in the region. In order to recognize these species it is advisable to study the morpho- logical structure of males since reliable determination basing on female data is impossible at present. The main distinctive features of the species studied are presented in the form of a key. The obtained data on new findings of amphipods allow us to specify a picture of species distribution within the Northwest Caucasus.

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  • Shumilov D.S.
    ITGA2 and ITGB3 integrin gene polymorphisms, associated with the risk for a coronary atherosclerosis among residents of the Republic of Adyghea

    The ethnic Russians with a coronary atherosclerosis living in the Republic of Adyghea show significantly increased frequencies of homozygous «normal» Ń807Ń and «mutant» T807T of genotypes ITGA2 (P=0,004, OR=2,55; OR=1,72), causing overexpression of megakaryocytes, fibroblasts and platelets of alpha-2 adhesive protein on membranes. The group of donors with no clinical manifestations and family history of coro- nary heart diease, myocardial infarction, heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases, developed against a background of coronary atherosclerosis shows predominant C807T heterozygous genotype ITGA2. By Leu33Pro SNP gene of platelet integrin B3 (ITGB3), associations with the coronary atherosclerosis in the studied popula- tions of Adyghes and Russians were not revealed.

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  • Temiraev R.B., Kokaeva M.G., Vityuk L.A., Baeva A.A., Ktsoeva I.I., Tletseruk I.R., Khagur M.N.
    Way of improvement of biochemical structure of production and blood of cows and broilers by optimization of food ecology

    The aim of the research was to study the efficiency of using preparations of modern adsorbents in combination with dietary supplements in diets with a subtoxic nitrate dose for increasing ecological and nutri- tion value of the lactating cows’ milk and broilers’ meat due to improvement of intermediate exchange in their organism. Two pilot studies have demonstrated that in order to increase biochemical indicators of production and blood, if there is a subtoxic nitrate dose in the sterns, it is advisable to use combined: toksi-nil preparations in a dose of 2g/kg of concentrates and vitamin C in a dose of 0,04% of solid norm for the lactating cows; and amilosubtilin G3x in a dose of 300g/t and Citrus Pectin in a dose of 200g/t of the feed for the broilers.

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  • Tseeva N.A., Zabolotniy A.G., Chuntyzheva Z.I., Ushkho Yu.D., Tkhakumacheva Yu.B.
    Value orientations of students of higher education institutions in the field of physical culture, referred for health reasons to special medical group

    To obtain necessary data on value orientation of student girls of special medical groups, we conducted a questionnaire survey reflecting the attitude of examinees to occupations of medical physical culture and physical training in general.

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  • Ednich E.M., Tolstikova T.N.
    Biomorphological features of members of the genus Acer L. (Aceraceae) in the foothill zone of Adyghea Republic

    The paper provides the results of study of biomorphological features of generic complex Acer L. in the conditions of the foothills of the North-West Caucasus and a collection of generic complex Acer L. of Bo- tanical Garden of the Adyghe State University, comprising 13 species and six garden forms. The conducted bio- metric measurements revealed the duration of growth and morphology of the laminae from local and introduced species. Most of the morphological characters of leaves of the genus Acer have high and very high degree of variability. According to stomatographic indicators, the largest coefficient of variation of the studied traits is in A. trautvetteri, the lowest is in A. tataricum. The largest number of stomata on the abaxial side is observed in A. platanoides and A. tataricum, which is the result of plant adaptation to natural conditions. The increased num- ber of stomata, accompanied by their reduced dimensions, is a sign of xeromorphic leaves.

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  • Tuguz F.V.
    Typology of settlements of the Republic of Adyghea by their genesis

    The paper discusses the typological features of settlements which had the most essential impact on formation and evolution of a network of settlements in the territory of Adyghea. The typology of settlements by their genesis is given. Settlements of a modern network are distributed according to time of their emergence.

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  • Teuchezh F.D., Shadzhe A.I., Khamerzokova R.Yu.
    Study of agricultural land management

    The paper shows the role of complex economical and geographical study of agricultural land management for a choice of the most rational way of development of agricultural production. Study of the rea- sons of changing efficiency of use and assessment of land structure of agricultural lands in the Republic of Ady- ghea allows us to develop rational schemes of agricultural land management taking into account the natural and resource capacity of the Republic.

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  • Dedy N.A., Melnikova T.N., Teuchezh F.D.
    Monitoring and environmental assessment of water resource potential of Adyghea Republic

    The paper presents the main results of environmental monitoring of water resources of Adyghea Republic and estimates of an ecological condition of water resource potential and water management complexes of municipalities in the Republic of Adyghea. The ecologic, hydrologic and economic division into districts is carried out.

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  • Pshikanokova N.I., Pshikanokova N.D.
    Information basis of diagnostics of the region condition

    The paper proves that it is possible to implement a system of information support of strategic planning of the region on the basis of specially organized monitoring integrating statistical information arrays and results of expert polls.

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  • Stash A.Kh.
    Properties of full and vector frequencies of lax signs and roots of solutions of linear homogenous autonomous differential equations

    It is established that at any solution of the linear homogenous autonomous differential equation its full and vector frequencies of lax signs and roots coincide among themselves, and the set of the values accepted by these frequencies coincides with a set of regularized frequencies of lax signs and roots of such equations.

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  • Ushkho A.D., Feklistov G.S.
    On invariant straight lines of polynomial vector fields on the plane

    The paper gives the results of research of a flat polynomial vector field of the n degree generaliz- ing earlier proved facts in evidence about invariant straight lines and special points of cubic differential system.

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  • Tlyachev V.B., Ushkho D.S.
    Some questions of the qualitative theory of the second order autonomous polynomial differential systems

    Results of research of cubic differential system related to the following questions are stated: es- timate of number of special points of the second group, assessment of number of straight line isoclines, coexis- tence of special points of the second group and limit cycles, as well as coexistence of invariant straight lines and limit cycles.

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  • Golovnev Yu.F., Somova N.Yu., Nurguleev D.A.
    Types of excitons in superlattices based on EuO and SrO

    The paper analyzes the conditions for the formation of interhole and interbarrier excitons in EuO and SrO nanoheterosystems in the internal exchange field of europium ions. The authors show the mecha- nisms of exciton electron relaxation through the f 4 -state of europium ions and their effect on the value of the exciton lifetime in a ferromagnetic semiconductor.

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    Technical Sciences

  • Dovgal V.Ŕ.
    Analysis of the main modern trends in development of the cloud-based technologies in e-Learning industry

    The paper discusses the basic modern trends in development of the cloud-based technologies in education and analyzes their advantages and application risks.

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  • Kizdermishov A.A.
    On voluntary certification of means of the automated analysis of security and detection of vulnerabilities

    The paper deals with the questions related to maintaining the actual register of the scanners recommended to owners of the user information resources (information which is stored at private-home worksta- tions and laptops) for identification and neutralization of vulnerabilities. Obligatory points of specifications for voluntary certification of means of pentest are offered. The analysis of systems of voluntary certification concerning need of creation of new system of voluntary certification with distribution area on means of pentest is given.

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  • Kazakov M.A., Karmokov M.Kh.
    The method to automate calculation of genetic similarity and genetic distance in chironomids of the genus Chironomus by the Nei criterion

    The results of studies on the development of a way to automate the calculation of genetic simi- larity and genetic distance in chironomids of the genus Chironomus by the Nei criteria are presented. A program product with a simple, intuitive interface allowing quick and easy calculation of the genetic distances and simi- larity is described.

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  • Mamiy A.R.
    System performance identification with analog computing

    The paper provides calculations of characteristics of a composite signal passing through the differentiating chain, as well as hardware implementation of the device basing on operational amplifiers.

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  • Zangiev T.T., Lyzhko V.M., Buchatskiy P.Yu.
    Algorithm of problem solution on parametric array optimization of biopower stations

    The paper discusses the problem related to creation of an optimum parametric array of biopower stations. Optimization of parametric arrays is based on definition of the demand function showing need for production with various values of parameters and the function of expenses identifying the link between production parameters and production and operation costs.

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  • Chernenko A.A.
    Driving interdepartmental routing of applications as a tool for dispatching in the operational scheduling system

    The paper deals with the structure of the information system of operational scheduling. An algorithm is offered for the calculation of the production schedule. The definition of application and its life cycle are given. Based on this definition, we propose an algorithm of interdepartmental routing of applications, as well as the technique of organization of data exchange between modules of production schedule calculation and dispatching.

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