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#2 / 2015

Biological Sciences

  • Kagazezheva N.Kh., Kolomiytseva N.S., Doronina N.V.
    Features of adaptation alterations of cardiorespiratory system of an organism of young football players

    Features of adaptation of oxygen-transport system of young football players to performance of intensive physical activity are analyzed. Scientific researches were conducted on the basis of educational - research laboratory of the Department of Biomechanics and Medicobiological Disciplines of the Adyghe State University and in the diagnostic center of Sport Center of the Maikop State University of Technology with participation of football players aged 13-16 years who passed training of the preparatory period. The obtained data indicate that systematic football occupations are followed by a natural economization of functions of oxygentransport system and promote acceleration of processes of restoration and decrease in physiological cost of loading in process of long-term adaptation at teenagers

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  • Minko O.V.
    Indexes of heart rate variability after standard physical training of young athletes specializing in judo and unarmed self-defence

    Studying the mechanisms of adaptation at young athletes during the training process is of theoretical and practical significance for sports physiologists. Currently, an objective method of studying the system of the body, especially the cardiovascular system, is the analysis of heart rate variability which allows fast control of the athlete’s state. Known as periodic changes of heart rhythm, the heart rate variability reflects the state of vegetative nervous system which is an important component providing adaptive reactions of the body. At the same time, a change of the vegetative status may reflect both a positive adaptive response and the beginning of development of prenosological states. In order to obtain the most complete information on the state of the regulatory systems, we must assess the level of functional reserves, for the determination of which functional tests should be conducted

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  • Tuguz A.R., Tatarkova E.A., Rudenko K.A., Smolkov I.V., Shumilov D.S., Muzhenya D.V., Anokhina E.N., Ashkanova T.M.
    The polymorphisms of ITG and SEL genes associated with the bronchial asthma, complications of peripheral and coronary atherosclerosis and mammary gland adenocarcinomas at inhabitants of the Adyghea Republic

    For many years, the leading places in structure of the reasons for the population mortality in the Adyghea Republic are taken by cardiovascular (CV) and oncological diseases. Relevance of this research is caused by searches for early molecular and genetic markers of multifactorial diseases. Distribution of single nucleotide replacements (SNP – single nucleotide polymorphisms)of genes of integrin adhesion molecules ITG (ITGA2 C807T, rs1126643, ITGB3 Leu33Pro, rs5918) and SEL selectins (SELE Leu554Phe, rs5355; Ser128Arg, rs5361, SELP Thr715Pro, rs6136) at inhabitants of Adyghea Republic is investigated by SNP method in 44 samples of DNA of donors (n=10) and sick people (n=34) with CV (n=17), malignant new tumors( MNT) (mammary gland adenocarcinoma, n=8) and chronic inflammatory diseases of lungs (the bronchial asthma (BA), n=9). As a result of research it has been obtained that 128Arg polymorphism of SELE gene – endothelial E-selectin (χ2=6,66; P=0,01; OR=15) and platelet P-selectin SELP Thr715Pro (χ2=4,55; P=0,03; OR=7) are statistically significantly associated with system pathological processes. The carriage of pathological homozygous Arg128Arg of a genotype and «mutant» 128Arg SELE allele is associated mainly with peripheral (respectively χ2=12,31; P=0,002; OR=39; χ2=21,96; P=0,000003; OR=100) and to a lesser extent coronary atherosclerosis (χ2=4,09, P=0,04; OR=10). A molecular and genetic predictor of an ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke is the carriage of 715Pro SELP gene allele (χ2=7,54, P=0,006; OR=17)

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  • Kairov V.R., Bokieva S.B., Dzodzieva E.S., Tletseruk I.R., Shiolashvili D.G., Gurtsieva D.O.
    Use of adsorbents to increase the ecological and biological value of beef

    The aim of the research is to study the efficiency of using adsorbent preparations of Helaton and Toksi-nil Drei in diets with the excess level of heavy metals to increase an ecological and nutrition value of the bull-calves’ meat production. To increase an ecological and nutrition value of beef it is advisable to include combined adsorbent preparations of Helaton and Toksi-nil Drei in the bull-calves’ diets if food for animals contains the excess level of heavy metals

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  • Tuova T.G., Tuguz F.V.
    Evolution of the Adyghea Republic toponymy formatio

    The paper presents the results of the etymological and semantic analysis of oikonyms and a periodization of stages of the population moving in the Adyghea Republic. More than 232 names of settlements in the Republic of Adyghea are investigated on the basis of materials of the 2010 population census. The stratigraphic analysis of toponymic layers is made. The main toponymic background of Adyghea oikonyms is identified

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  • Khasanova N.N., Silantyev M.N., Chelyshkova T.V.
    Adaptive opportunities of cardiovascular system at students, working on computers at informatics lessons in the conditions of fatigue prevention

    The paper discusses the influence of computers on a functional state and adaptive opportunities of cardiovascular system at students at informatics lessons. The adaptive response of cardiovascular system at students during the work on computers can be regarded as a less effective, more energy-intensive and imperfect model of adaptation. This is supported by alterations of an index of functional changes and type of self-control of blood circulation. Efficiency of carrying out fatigue prevention at lessons with the use of computers is revealed

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  • Teuchezh F.D., Khamerzokova R.Yu.
    Methods of agricultural division into districts of the territory of the Adyghea Republic on the basis of natural landscapes

    The paper discusses the basic principles of agricultural division into districts of the territory of the Adyghea Republic taking into consideration natural features of this area. The offered recommendations will allow the more effective use of the earth of agricultural purpose taking into account the agricultural landscape division into districts

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  • Sidorov A.A., Sidorova D.V., Nudnoy A.P.
    Krasnodar region in territorial socio-economic system of the Southern Federal district

    The relevance of this paper is justified by the fact that at the present time little attention is paid to the study of methodological aspects of balanced development of regional economy. In work, the analysis is made of information necessary for the sustainable development of socio-economic processes in the region

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  • Khagur M.N.
    Extruded sorghum in the diets of broiler chickens

    The paper presents the results of studying the effect of extruded sorghum on livestock and physiological parameters in the diets of broiler chickens. Broiler chickens were fed with designed feed from the daily age to slaughter. As a result of replacing corn for extruded sorghum, increase in safety stock, digestibility of nutrients and reducing the cost of feed per unit of output were observed

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  • Kolomiytseva N.S., Kagazezheva N.Kh., Doronina N.V.
    Use of arbitrary control of breathing in combination with purposeful muscular activity as means to increase aerobic and anaerobic opportunities of the growing organism of children with intelligence violation

    The paper discusses a set of conditions and mechanisms of realization of the main directions of correctional and health precautian work on improvement of respiratory function of 9-11 year-old pupils with violation of intelligence. Authors give justification of use of arbitrary control of breathing in combination with purposeful muscular activity in order to increase the aerobic and anaerobic opportunities of the growing organism of children with intelligence violation

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  • Ocheret N.P., Tuova T.G., Tuguz F.V.
    Contemporary issues of anthropogenic degradation of agricultural soils in the Adyghea Republic

    The paper discusses the contemporary issues of anthropogenic degradation of agricultural soils in the Adyghea Republic. An analysis of the main indicators of soil fertility is presented: the humus content, mobile forms of phosphorus, exchange potassium and acidity degree. Results of physical and chemical researches of soils are provided, namely: availability of heavy metals, ions of the main salt structure, as well as bioindication of soils

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  • Teuchezh F.D., Khamerzokova R.Yu., Shadzhe A.I.
    Historical and geographical features of development of the territory of Adyghea Republic

    An analysis is made of historical and geographical features of agricultural development of the Adyghea Republic. The results of analysis and the suggested recommendations will allow effective development of promising and rational management schemes of agroresource potential in an agrarian complex of the Republic and region

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  • Tsulaya I.V., Kucher M.O.
    Analysis of tourist market of Gagra district, Abkhazia, in 2014

    This study examines the development of tourism in the Gagra district of Abkhazia at the present stage. An analysis is made of respondents' views on the organization of rest in resorts of the area

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  • Nudnoy A.P., Sidorov A.A.
    Region specialization and balance in the South of Russia

    The characteristic is provided for indicators identifying the potential of the region. A correlation analysis is made of gross fixed capital formation and gross regional product. The structure of volume of the shipped production of the region is revealed

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  • Melnikova T.N.
    Monitoring of the water regime of the rivers in the Northwest Caucasus

    The paper shows the results of monitoring of the water regime of the rivers in the Northwest Caucasus. New hydrological division into districts of the region under study, taking into account a hypsography of the area, extent of moistening and character of vegetation, is presented. The conducted researches expand theoretical and applied aspects of regional hydrological researches

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  • Stash A.Kh.
    On some properties of full and vector frequencies of signs and roots of solutions to linear homogeneous two-dimensional differential systems

    The paper explores the ranges of full and vector frequencies of signs and roots of linear twodimensional differential systems and the continuity of extreme frequencies using a set of two-dimensional systems. The paper shows that for any pre-set natural number p the linear two-dimensional differential system with periodic coefficients is provided. Sets of various values of full (vector) frequencies of signs and roots of uncommon solutions to this system consist of not less than p of various essential numbers. Existence of two-dimensional differential system with limited coefficients with the same calculating range of full (vector) frequencies of signs and roots is proved. In addition, the point is given in space of linear two-dimensional differential systems with continuous limited coefficients, in which each of extreme frequencies of signs and roots suffers jumps both up and down at disturbances of the coefficients disappearing on infinity

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  • Bobylev Yu.V., Panin V.A.
    The nonlinear theory of instability of the negative mass type developing in rectilinear flow of electrons at its distribution in any slowing-down system

    The article shows that under certain parameters in rectilinear flow of electrons may develop aperiodic instability type negative mass in the early development of this instability will dominate the first harmonica charge density, which in turn is essential to create beams with preset properties

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  • Shchukin E.R., Malay N.V., Shulimanova Z.L.
    On the velocity of thermophoresis of solid two-layer large and moderately large aerosol particles

    In the Stokes approximation, the theoretical description is carried out of steady-state motion of large and moderately large solid double-layer spherical aerosol particle in a nonuniform in temperature monatomic gas, when the thermal conductivity coefficients of the core and cover of the two-layer particle are considerably different in value

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  • Kamenskaya I.V.
    Radiation of the damped harmonic oscillator (the methodological aspects)

    The model of radiation of the damped nonrelativistic oscillator is the basic one for the description of many phenomena discussed in electrodynamics, radiophysics and quantum optics. However, in standard textbooks, the topic is presented briefly. Sometimes important details for practical calculations are omitted. In this paper, we derive exact formulas for spectral angular distribution of the damped oscillator radiation. The approximate expressions for oscillator with low attenuation coefficient have been obtained. Attention is paid to the physical interpretation of the formulas obtained

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    Technical Sciences

  • Kizdermishov A.A.
    On model creation for the breaker of rules of access to user information resources

    The paper explores the lack of uniform approach to model creation of the computer trespasser and the provisions of normative legal acts in the field of information security. The offered informal model of the computer trespasser makes it possible to create or carry out updating of the list of actual threats to the user information resources taking into account characteristics of the computer trespasser

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  • Khalizev V.N., Ugryumov D.V., Dorin N.E.
    Efficiency assessment of multiple choice algorithms at design of the distributed information systems

    The paper describes the experience in an experimental assessment of the multiple-choice algorithm in designing the distributed information systems. The authors give the comparative assessment of the developed method, data of methods of expert analysis and the architectures proposed in the «world's best practice»

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  • Buchatskaya V.V., Studentsov D.V.
    Program complex of calculation of models of forecasting

    This paper shows the need to create the program module realizing some methods of forecasting and preliminary processing temporal series, considering existence of casual components of the abnormal value type. The publication describes the structure and algorithm of work of such module, realizing these methods of forecasting. Based on an example, we show the result of this work

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  • Telnov G.V.
    Assessment of quality indicators of thematic tasks of the subject test module and level of its mastering

    The paper explores the techniques of a quality assessment of the developed tests and level of mastering a learning material on the basis of algorithmic procedures of the standard office Microsoft Excel program and graphical representation of outcomes of their analysis. Graphic dependences have been obtained to examine the solubility and discriminativeness coefficients of thematic test tasks, test reliability and levels of mastering a learning material, both for the basic structural (didactic or modular) units, and in general. The analysis of graphic materials enables us to determine not only the qualitative characteristic of the developed test modules, but also to find thematic test tasks with a low discriminativeness. This will make it possible to come in due time to the relevant administrative decisions on their completion and the subsequent use for monitoring of quality of mastering the learning material at the accepted corresponding criteria for an assessment

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  • Dovgal V.À.
    Cloud computing and the analysis of questions of information security in the cloud

    The paper explores the current state of application and development of cloud computing and the main advantages of their use by the state, enterprise and scientists. We designate and analyze the standards, the normative and guideline documents in the field of information security of cloud computing developed by CloudSecurityAlliance (CSA), the European Agency of Network and Information Security (ENISA) and National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) and give the results of the detailed analysis of information security in the cloud

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