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#1 / 2015

Problems of Human Physiology

  • Shkhapatseva M.Kh.
    A luminary of the Russian linguistic science (Towards the 120th birth anniversary of V.V. Vinogradov)

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    Biological Sciences

  • Pogodina S.V., Yuferev V.S., Aleksanyants G.D.
    Physiological features of cardiovascular system of male athletes in the age range of 17-46 years

    The paper presents the results of a study of the cardiovascular system in athletes and untrained males at the age of 17-46 years. Functional changes in cardiovascular system of athletes are caused by age processes and specifics of long-term adaptation. The work shows various variants of the organization of a functional condition of cardiovascular system at rest and when performing the dosed physical activities. Increased functional reserve of cardiovascular system is most pronounced at athletes of period I of mature age, coaching endurance at whom the economization of energy expenditure at expansion of functional reserves of a myocardium was observed. In group of period II of mature age decreased variability of heart rate is noted; at athletes coaching endurance it is combined with increase of stress index, and at athletes coaching force it is combined with power reduction of a high-frequency spectrum. At the same time, at the latter, operability of the left ventricle during the dosed physical activity considerably lags behind growth of minute volume of blood flow. At untrained persons the increased minute volume of blood flow during standard loading is followed by decrease in operability of the left ventricle which can be regarded as an inadequate response associated with fatigue. Spotted unresponsiveness to the standard load by systolic and diastolic blood pressure in a group coaching endurance is noted, while in group coaching force during standard and specific probe, hyperkinetic reactions are noted. In the conditions of application of physical activities, the interrelation of a vagosympathetic index and minute volume of blood flow is shown that testifies to direct dependence of vagosympathetic balance with intensity of blood circulation at 40-46 year-old athletes coaching endurance. In group of athletes of 40-46 years coaching force, close dependence of the hemodynamic parameters on the performance variability is revealed. In group of 40-46 year-old untrained persons, dependence of indicators of heart rate variability on the degree of myocardial relaxation is noted.

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  • Dyachenko Yu.A.
    Evaluation of the content of sorbic acid in the diet of senior pupils and students and its influence on the pancreatic lipase activity

    The monitoring is made of the level of intake by senior pupils and students of sorbic acid from food per day. Impact of sorbic acid on the activity of pancreatic lipase and its inhibitory effect are defined.

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  • Sozaev T.O., Sarbasheva A.I., Lvov V.D., Yakimov A.V., Shapovalov M.I.
    Chemical composition of meat of Tersky sublips (Chondrostoma oxyrhynchum Kessler, 1877) during the spawning period

    The content of water, crude protein, fat and ash in meat of Tersky sublips during the spawning period from natural reservoirs of the Terek river basin is studied.

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  • Ocheret N.P., Tuguz F.V.
    Medical and demographic indicators of a condition of the general morbidity and mortality of the Adyghea Republic population

    The paper presents the main medical and demographic indicators of the condition of the general morbidity and mortality of the Adyghea Republic population. Influence of adverse ecological factors on health of the population of the Adyghea Republic is shown.

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  • Melnikova T.N.
    Long-term variability of an annual runoff of the rivers in the Northwest Caucasus and features of its spatial distribution

    The paper discloses factors and features of spatial distribution of long-term variability of an annual runoff of the rivers in the Northwest Caucasus. Corelations of variation coefficients of the annual runoff with the average elevation of the river reservoirs are investigated. The uniform dependence reflecting the law of long-term variability reduction with increasing average elevation of reservoirs has been obtained. The map of isolines of variation coefficients of the annual runoff, uncovering features of its spatial distribution, is implemented. The conducted researches expand theoretical and applied aspects of regional hydrological researches.

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  • Ilchenko G.N.
    Eeugenol basil response to low temperatures and selection of early, cold-resistant forms

    The temperature background of seed sprouting (+15ºÑ) can be applied as the differentiating (ranging) one at selection of early, cold-resistant genotypes at early stages of ontogenesis of eugenol basil. Efficiency of selection of early forms in viability of seeds and in length of sprouts is revealed.

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  • Teuchezh F.D., Khamerzokova R.Yu., Shadzhe A.I.
    Natural, social and economic measures to protect agricultural lands from degradation in the Republic of Adyghea

    The paper substantiates the role of natural resource potential and socio-economic factors in the territorial organization of agro-industrial complex in the Republic of Adyghea. The offered recommendations allow the development of rational schemes of use of natural resource potential to protect agricultural lands against degradation.

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  • Tuguz F.V.
    Data sources, opportunities and methods of their use in historical and geographical research of moving in the area of contemporary Adyghea

    The paper discusses the principles and methods of the description and mapping the evolution of moving in the territory of contemporary Adyghea since the end of the Caucasian War up to now. Examples are given of typology of settlements and their systems defining logic of historical and geographical research of moving, as well as the list of maps which can be a basis for the sections «Population and Settlements» in scientific and reference atlases of different functions.

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  • Tatlok D.R., Kolesnikov S.I., Kazeev K.Sh., Tatlok R.K., Tlekhas Z.R.Chernysheva Ya.S.
    Evaluation of the stability of brown forest soils of the Adyghea Republic foothills to pollution with toxic microelements according to biological indicators

    Contamination of soils in foothill forests of Adyghea Republic with zinc, cadmium, molybdenum or selenium deteriorates the biological properties of the brown forest soils. The conducted research has shown that the degree of reduction of biological indicators is directly dependent on the concentration of pollutants in the soil. According to the degree of toxicity to the biological properties of brown forest soils the elements under study form the following sequence: Zn > Cd > = Se > Mo.

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  • Khagur M.N.
    Hematologic indicators at broilers feeding on mixed fodder with a sorghum

    The paper examines the efficiency of inclusion of sorghum grain in mixed fodder for raising and fattening of meat poultry. Effects of corn replacement by sorghum in broiler diets on a state of health of the poultry are revealed.

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  • Inshakova E.S.
    System approach to the analysis of a construction complex of the region (as shown by the Krasnodar Territory)

    The paper discusses the concept and structure of a construction complex and its place in an economic complex of the region using an example of the Krasnodar Territory. An idea is given of the construction complex as a system. Factors of placement and features of the construction complex are disclosed. Economic significance of construction is defined.

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  • Veselov D.S., Sidorova D.V., Voronina V.V.
    The study of positive and negative effects of migration of the population for the social-economic development of the countries of the world

    This paper examines the impact of immigration processes on social and economic development of the state, as well as on interethnic relations. The effects of immigration are mixed: on the one hand, objective needs in the country's labor force are replenished, but, on the other hand, interethnic tension is triggered, crime situation is worsening and the competition in the labor market is growing.

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  • Tuova T.G., Mozhayskaya A.A.
    Contemporary problems of the Caucasus State Natural Biosphere Reserve named after Kh.G. Shaposhnikov

    The Caucasus Biosphere Reserve is nature conservation, research, ecologic and educational establishment of federal value aiming at preservation and studying the natural course of natural processes and phenomena, genetic fund of flora and fauna, typical and unique geological formations and ecological systems of the West Caucasus. In this regard all questions related to preservation of uniqueness of the nature of the reserve are relevant and demand serious approach to their solution. In this paper, contemporary problems of protection of the reserved territory are stated.

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  • Kozlov V.A., Palandzhyants L.Zh.
    On some properties of curvature operator

    The paper investigates the properties of the curvature operator of the curved multiplicative integral of matrix functions of the second and third orders. Considering the curvature operator as an operation on matrix functions, the authors identified conservation properties of some linear relations between the elements of the original matrix functions.

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  • Kuizheva S.K.
    Korteweg-de Vries equation and mathematical models of socioeconomic systems

    In this paper we give a method of constructing Partial differential equation that describes the mathematical model of the problem of information transfer in the learning process. To construct such a model, we established a correspondence between the terminology of differential equations and that of the field of information transmission. As an example, the Korteweg-de Vries equation is examined. Also we consider some of the properties of solitons.

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  • Stash A.Kh.
    On ranges of full and vector frequencies of signs and roots of third order linear homogeneous differential equations

    Ranges of full and vector frequencies of signs and roots of the third order linear differential equations are investigated. For any beforehand set natural number p, the third order linear differential equation with periodic coefficients is given, the set of various values of full (vector) frequencies of signs and roots, the uncommon solutions of which consist not less than of p of various essential numbers. Existence of the third order differential equation with limited coefficients with a calculating range of full (vector) frequencies of signs and roots is proved. Besides, the third order differential equation with unlimited coefficients is given, ranges of full and vector frequencies of signs and roots of which fill one and the same piece of a numerical axis.

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  • Bzheumikhova O.I.
    On solvability of the Dirichlet problem for the second order partial differential equation with deviating argument

    Solvability of the Dirichlet problem for partial differential equation of the second order with deviating argument in a rectangular area is investigated. The problem of the solvability in the required class of functions is reduced to the solvability of the corresponding ordinary differential equation with deviating argument, the solution of which is constructed with the help of the Green's function.

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    Technical Sciences

  • Telnov G.V.
    Approach to formation of a total assessment of the level of learning a curriculum material at intermediate certification of trainees on the basis of the weighed coefficients of the estimated indicators

    The paper presents the technique of the solution of a non-standard problem related to determination of coherence of expert opinions on a set of the estimated signs to justify a total assessment of the level of learning a curriculum material at intermediate certification of trainees. New approach is proposed on formation of both quantitative structure of the estimated examination card signs, and determination of the weighed coefficients of the estimated signs. The general criterion for formation of a total assessment is defined. Recommendations are given on the formation of the general total assessment of the trainee in examination or test. Practical realization of such approach in educational process will allow better monitoring of level and completeness of mastering a training material at the accepted corresponding criteria of an assessment.

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  • Dovgal V.À.
    Features of realization of safe connection to «cloudy» services

    The paper discusses the safe methods of connection to «cloudy» services of both certain users and separate companies. The analysis of granting services of the type of «infrastructure as service» (IaaS) presented by hosting providers and decisions for connection of certain clients and companies is carried out. The complex of actions applied to provide safety of connection, prevention of threats to security in «clouds» and ensuring necessary level of safety of information is offered.

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  • Kizdermishov A.A.
    On application of CVE-compatible network scanners

    The paper describes a model of the intruder and examines the issues related to the activities of a community of penetration testers. Projects related to standardization of network scanners and the ability to generate reports that contain a description of vulnerabilities with links in the catalog CVE, are reviewed.

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  • Khalizev V.N., Tarasov E.S., Ugryumov D.V., Dorin N.E.
    Algorithmization of procedures of design of the composite information systems on the basis of techniques of a multiple choice

    The paper deals with the models, methods and algorithms of the market of the proposed subsystems and equipment, based on the analysis of the requirements for security to choose the best solution for the synthesis of the integrated security system.

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  • Shopin A.V., Buchatskiy P.Yu.
    Electronic information and education environment of the Adyghe State University

    The paper deals with the questions of functioning of a corporate computer network which is a basis for ensuring control and realization of educational process, scientific researches and organizational governance with effective means of information support.

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