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#4 / 2014

Biological Sciences

  • Shebzukhova E.A., Ednich E.M.
    The 5th Russian Conference with the international participation «Mountain Ecosystems and Their Components», devoted to the 20th anniversary of Institute of Ecology of Mountain Territories named after A.K. Tembotov of the Kabardino-Balkarian Scientific Cen

    The 5th Russian Conference with the international participation «Mountain Ecosystems and Their Components» addressed the following issues: a biodiversity in mountain conditions (the laws of its formation, specific and population variety, dynamics in time and space), ecology and evolution of organisms and communities in the conditions of mountainous territories, ecological bases of rational development and protection of natural resources of mountains.

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  • Kononenko E.P., Tembotova F.A.
    Use of the odontological characteristics to assess the ecological sphere divergence in closely-related rodents within the sympatry zone

    The new index which is the indicator of the nutrition type for omnivorous rodents is proposed on the basis of analysis of odontological characteristics of the Apodemus (A. uralensis Pallas, 1811 and A. ponticus Sviridenko, 1936) from the North Caucasus. The use of the occlusion index has confirmed the hypotheses for divergence of two closely-related rodents in the sympatry zone under nutrition preferences.

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  • Amshokova A.Kh., Tembotova F.A.
    Phenetical analysis of craniological characters in two cryptic species of common field mice from Sylvaemus subgenus in the sympatry zone of the Western Caucasus

    The phenetical analysis of the cranium nonmetric characters in two genetically identified and symbiotopical species A. uralensis and A. ponticus of the Western Caucasus, has been performed to reveal the level of morphological differentiation. Phenetical distances between the species 15 times exceed the level of sex differences and make up MMD=0.3185 between the males, and MMD=0.443 between the females. All in all, under comparison of A. uralensis and A. ponticus without considering sex, the distance is MMD=0.389 that corresponds only to the level of subspecies differences (Vasilyev, 1984; Vasilyev et al., 2000) [1, 2]. Nevertheless, the level of phenetical isolation between A. uralensis and A. ponticus is high if to consider that the compared species inhabit under similar landscape-biotopical and climatic conditions, and as we suggest, that serves to development of phenotypical similarity, and thus explains the lesser value of differences.

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  • Tembotova E.Zh., Emkuzheva M.M., Tembotova F.A.
    Seasonal dynamics of house mouse (Mammalia, Rodentia) blood parameters under mountain conditions of the Central Caucasus

    Seasonal dynamics of the blood parameters of the house mouse (Mus musculus L.) throughout the year in the mountains of the Central Caucasus (1800 m a.s.l.) was studied. The pronounced seasonal dynamics of the blood parameters was revealed in the favorable condition (man buildings) in comparison with the wildlife small rodents, in the context of two periods: the cold period (spring, winter, autumn) and the warm one (summer). The greatest expenditure of energy in the species is winter that is demonstrated by the increase of blood respiratory function. Thus, the maximum increase of oxygen capacity is followed by peripheralization of high number of erythrocytes, the sizes of which are significantly smaller than those from summer data that ensures increasing of the total absorbing surface for oxygen.

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  • Rapoport I.B.
    Fauna, structure of communities and vertical and zonal distribution of the earthworms (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae) in the central part of the Kuban variant of vertical zonation (North-Western Caucasus, Republic of Adyghea)

    Relying on our own studies and analysis of the literary evidence, we summarize for the first time data on fauna, ecology and vertical and zonal distribution of the earthworms within the Republic of Adyghea. We recorded 21 species in the territory under survey, including 11 species first discovered in the region. Contrary to the Lumbricidae fauna of the Elbrusskiy and Terskiy variants of vertical zonation, the fauna of the Kuban variant is more «Mediterranean» – 33% of this fauna make up the species which are widely spread within the Mediterranean area of Holarctica. The Mediterranean group of the earthworms is both more abundant in species, and also plays a significant role in the communities. The Crimean-Caucasian subendemics Dendrobaena schmidti (Mich.) and Dendrobaena mariupolienis mariupolienis (Wyss.), and Dendrobaena tellermanica Perel, the species of the Caucasian origin, and the Mediterranean Aporrectodea jassyensis (Mich.) are dominant in the most of biotopes. As in most regions of the North Caucasus, the morpho-ecological group of proper soil earthworms is more multitudinous. The total number of the earthworm species increases in hypsometric profile from the steppe zone to the belt of broad-leaved forests where 15 species are recorded, and it decreases towards the Alpine belt.

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  • Tembotov R.Kh.
    Biochemical characters of hydromorphic soils in the Central Caucasus (within the Terskiy variant of vertical zonation in Kabardino-Balkaria)

    The studies and comparative analysis are conducted to define biochemical characters, including soil respiration, humus contents, enzymatic activity – catalase, dehydrogenase, invertase, phosphotase and urease, of hydromorphic soils in agrocenoses and natural biogeocenoses of plains within the Terskiy variant of vertical zonation in Kabardino-Balkaria. The differences of the studied parameters between the soils of agrocenoses and biogeocenoses are revealed. The studied characteristics are pooled to form the overall integral parameter of biological state of soil (IPBSS). A 39-40% reduction of IPBSS points to disturbance of physicochemical, biological and total functions of the studied soils.

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  • Vinokurov N.B.
    Cuckoo wasps (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae) of the forest biocenoses within the interfluve of the Malaya Laba and Bolshaya Laba rivers and peculiarities of their distribution in altitudinal belts (Western Caucasus)

    For the first time data are presented on 24 species of cuckoo wasps (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae) of the forest biocenoses within the interfluve of the Malaya Laba and Bolshaya Laba rivers,.including 11 species that are new for the Western Caucasus. The peculiarities of distribution of these insects in altitudinal belts are considered. The complex of xylobionts which make up 91.7% of the total number of the species prevails among cuckoo wasps.

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  • Karmokov M.Kh., Polukonova N.V.
    Fauna, karyotypes and ecology of non-biting midges from genus Chironomus Meigen, 1803 (Diptera, Chironomidae) of the Yew-and-Boxwood Tree Grove (North-West Caucasus)

    This paper presents data on peculiarities of fauna, karyotypes and ecology of non-biting midges from genus Chironomus Meigen, 1803 (Diptera, Chironomidae) of the Yew-and-Boxwood Tree Grove (North- West Caucasus). The presence of Chironomus luridus is revealed, which was first found in the North-West Caucasus. The karyotype in studied populations is characterized by significantly low level of inversion polymorphism. The populations of the Yew-and-Boxwood Tree Grove in spectrum and frequencies of banding sequences are more close to the early studied populations in the northern macroslope of the Central Caucasus.

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  • Zhashuev A.Zh., Potemkin A.D.
    Comparative analysis of liverworts in the Central Caucasus through variants of vertical zonation (within Kabardino-Balkaria)

    The results of the comparative analysis for the species diversity of liverworts in the Kabardino- Balkaria Republic are given. Most of the species are confined to riverside forests of the Baksan river gorge, birch-pine forests of the Adyl-Su and Adyr-Su river gorges, and wet rock exposures in the subalpine and Alpine belts.

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  • Aiydov A.A.
    On the fauna of rove beetles (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) in the Teberda river gorge

    Data are given on the fauna and ecology of rove beetles (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) in the Teberda river gorge. All in all, 48 species from 24 genera and 7 subfamilies are registered. Herpetobionts (16 species) and coprophilous species (13 species) are dominant among the presented species. The dominance of palaearctic species is revealed. Fifteen rove beetle species which were not recorded for this territory earlier are given.

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  • Khanov Z.M., Pshegusov R.Kh.
    On lichenometric studies in the high-mountain territories of the Central Caucasus

    The paper considers the prospects for application of the bioindicative method of the age determination in glacial moraines – liñhenometry based on the use of epilithic lichen growth data. This method can be efficiently applied in monitoring of natural processes occurring in the high-mountain territories of the Central Caucasus.

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  • Yusupov Z.M.
    On the fauna of ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in Teberda State Natural Biospheric Reserve

    The preliminary data are given on the fauna and biotopic distribution of ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in the Teberda State Natural Biospheric Reserve. As for now, 31 species of ants referring to 10 genera and 3 subfamilies (Dolichoderinae, Formicinae and Myrmicinae) are known for the reserve. The most species are abundant in the genera Formica L., Myrmica Latr., and Lasius F. The majority of the species belongs to the subfamily Myrmicinae (16 species). Zoogeography of the presented species is considered.

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  • Shebzukhova E.A.
    The 25th anniversary of research school of Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences A.K. Tembotov

    The research school of Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences A.K. Tembotov, created in the early 1980s, gained the official recognition in the Decision of VAK Board at Council of Ministers of the USSR and Presidium of Council of the North Caucasian Scientific Center of the Higher School No. 6/154 of 14.07.1989. The school successfully develops now which is testified by grants of the President of the Russian Federation given to this school as the leading research school of Russia. More than 40 pupils of A.K. Tembotov are Doctors and Candidates of Science who successfully work in science and education. This paper discusses the main scientific directions of the research school. Much attention is paid to integration of biological science and education. The main scientific achievements and development of the research school of Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences A.K. Tembotov are described.

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  • Kumakhov V.I., Shibzukhov N.Kh., Eziev M.I.
    Physical and chemical characteristics and multifactor correlative regressive interrelation between humus and physical clay in the southern black soils

    The paper discusses the distribution of the southern black soils in the North Caucases, the methods of investigation, physical and chemical properties of the southern black soils (contents of nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, natrium, pH and CaCO3), group and fractional composition of humus and physical properties of the southern black soils, multifactor correlative regressive interrelation between humus and physical clay is investigated in the southern black soils.

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  • Tuguz F.V.
    Spatial evolution of a network of settlements in the territory of the Republic of Adyghea

    Spatial evolution of a network of settlements of the administrative regions of modern Adyghea is considered. Based on comparison of features of settling evolution and quantity of population of the Adyghea subregions, we make some generalizations.

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  • Teuchezh F.D., Shadzhe A.I., Khamerzokova R.Yu.
    Innovative potential of tourist sector in economy of Adyghea Republic

    The tourist sector of economy is one of the priority directions of economic development in the Republic of Adyghea. It promotes the active innovative growth of recreational and tourist capacity of the region.

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  • Roytenberg V.Sh.
    On generic polynomial vector fields on a plane

    The set of polynomial vector fields, which are structurally stable on the Poincare cycle or on the projective plane, is open and everywhere is dense in the space of planar polynomial vector fields of degree ≤ n .

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  • Tlyachev V.B., Ushkho A.D., Ushkho D.S.
    Invariant sets of the n-th order polynomial vector field

    A quantitative relationship is determined between the invariant sets consisting of mutually parallel invariant lines with some slope and invariant lines of the polynomial vector field of the n -th order. Examples are given of possible configurations of invariant lines. It is proved that systems are available with nine invariant lines in the set of polynomial systems with n = 4 , having certain invariant sets.

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  • Andrukhaev Kh.M.
    Probabilistic approach to studying the laws of distribution of prime numbers and simple twin numbers in a natural row up to x =1040000000

    The paper presents all prime numbers and simple twin numbers obtained in an initial piece of a natural row up to 1040000000 (pbotdo.bas program). In tables, twins are allocated with hyphens between them. In each file, the quantity of prime numbers and twins, as well as the corresponding relative frequencies are counted. Using the obtained tabular data and probability-theoretic methods, the approximate formula is derived for the average density of simple twin numbers in an interval from 1 to 1040000000.

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  • Golovnev Yu.F., Somova N.Yu., Nurguleev D.A.
    Interwell tunneling of excitons in semiconductor heterostructures with ferromagnetic layers

    An expression was obtained for the tunneling probability of the electron to form a magnetic interwell exciton in a double quantum well based on EuO-SrO. The conductivity of the heterostructure was analyzed.

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    Technical Sciences

  • Buchatskiy P.Yu., Buchatskaya V.V.
    Tools of geographic information systems for information support of stages of the system analysis

    A study of composite systems by means of the system analysis needs application of complex software products. Representatives of this class of the software are the geographic information systems (GIS). In this connection, here we examine the GIS structure and functions, as well as make an analysis of GIS application at research of composite systems (taking power systems with the nonconventional renewables (NR) as an example).

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  • Mozgunov O.M., Shekoyan A.A., Shekoyan L.A.
    An efficient face verification algorithm

    This paper presents an algorithm without training for an arbitrary database for verification of approximately identically posed faces. The classifier is Euclidean distance with Pearson’s correlation coefficients as parameters. The performance of the algorithm is tested on publicly available databases Color FERET and Face94 Directory by Dr. Libor Spacek.

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  • Mamiy A.R., Polyakov S.V.
    Elastic and viscous properties of weight-lifter bar system

    The paper describes the mathematical model of the biomechanical system consisting of the weight-lifter and a bar. A system of the differential equations modeling lifting of a bar from a breast is presented which considers elastic and viscous properties of the musculoskeletal device of the weight-lifter and a bar. Some solutions are provided confirming operability of the system.

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  • Dovgal V.À.
    Methods of safety increase in the sphere of «cloud» technologies

    The paper discusses the methods of threats prevention at data transmission between the provider of «cloud» services and the customer. An analysis is made of threats to information processed by means of «cloud» technologies, as well as of solutions to eliminate the specified problems. The complex of actions is proposed to prevent threats to security in private «clouds» and to ensure the necessary level of information safety.

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  • Korobkov V.N.
    Analysis algorithm of a vector field in relation to fields of tectonic tension in the crust

    The algorithm of the automated analysis of a vector field is given. The paper presents the results of operation of the software product applying this algorithm to allocate the foci of tectonic tension concentration in the crust.

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  • Golovan K.R., Pogorelov A.V.
    Temporal structure of cellular service consumption in the Krasnodar territory from data of MTS operator

    In this paper, for the first time, we analyze the temporal structure of consumption of basic cellular services in the Krasnodar territory at MTS networks of second and third generations. As a result we have defined the features of the variability and cyclicity in traffic consumption with different temporal resolution (year, month, week, day), as well as the extremes of consumption of voice traffic during the holidays. The structure of the traffic in the most demonstrative days of the week is described.

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  • Feklistov G.S., Malykh V.S., Buchatskiy P.Yu.
    Use of a solar thermal collector as an element of system of heat supply

    Features of energy consumption in construction are considered. The author's model of solar water-heating system as an element of system of heat supply is offered.

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  • Tlyusten V.Sh.
    Variant of peeper head Turing mashine

    The variant of Turing Machine (TM) is suggested, which is called in this paper Peeper Head Turing Machine (phTM). Such machines differ from classical TM by having an additional eye which can see the content of left nearby cell at the moment of current cell processing. In the paper, one internal state phTMs are considered. Any command of such a machine looks like , where Si and Sj are two symbols observed by peeper head at the same time, Sk is a new symbol, replacing current symbol Sj, and D is direction of the following head shift (L, to the left, or R, to the right). It is proved in the paper that the set of one state phTMs is functionally full. In particular, it means that in the class of phTM with one internal state, a halting problem is unsolvable and a universal machine exists.

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  • Plisenko O.A.
    Development of the integrated expert system for recognition of structural lines of a relief

    The paper presents the short review on technology of development of the expert system integrated with a geographic information system (GIS) for subject domain of the geomorphological analysis. The semistructured problem related to recognition of characteristic structural lines of the relief surface is considered. To solve this problem we propose to use a method of full integration and a design of system basing on the UML diagrams. Application of the described technology is substantiated; and features of implementation of expert system integration with GIS are considered. Examples are given of creation of the UML diagrams, spaces of problem states and implementation of expert rules in the CLIPS language.

    pdf 196-206.pdf  (482 Kb)

  • Varshanina T.P., Khunagov R.D.
    GIS of scientific researches of processes of geosystems variability

    The concept, structural principles and methodology of the intrinsic and logical (ontologic) model in GIS of scientific researches of existential variability of geosystems are developed.

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