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#2 / 2014

Biological Sciences

  • Ponomarev A.V., Shapovalov M.I., Ivliev P.P.
    New data on fauna of spiders (Aranei) in the South of the European part of Russia

    The annotated list of spiders including 51 species from 18 families from Krasnodar Region, Adyghea Republic and Rostov region is provided. The species of Monaeses israeliensis and Singa semiatra are first noted for fauna of Russia and the Caucasus, correspondingly. Twenty-three species are new for fauna of the Adyghea Republic and 3 species for fauna of Rostov region.

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  • Gozhko A.A., Esipenko L.P., Gozhko D.I.
    The reproductive performance of Ciconiiformes in Western Ciscaucasia

    The paper presents original data on the size of clutches and the quality indices of the eggs of 6 species of Ciconiiformes birds within the Western Ciscaucasia. Comparison is made of the obtained data with the data of other authors of the adjacent territories. The coefficient of the egg quality indice variation is identified.

    pdf 61-70.pdf  (284 Kb)

  • Avakova A.G., Lotnikova D.Yu., Bondarevskaya E.V.
    Features of bioconversion of microelements in eggs and hen meat at bioresonant influence

    Attention is paid to features of bioconversion of nutrients and microelements in meat of broilers and eggs of laying hens at impact of a range of electromagnetic frequencies of «Junior» biologically active supplement on objects of poultry breeding.

    pdf 71-74.pdf  (169 Kb)

  • Mamedova V.R.
    Fauna of day Lepidoptera of Low Daghestan

    The review of fauna and the analysis of features of butterflies of various biotopes in Low Daghestan are carried out. Here 48 species from 6 families are noted. Specific sketches include the ecological-zoogeographical characteristic, established periods of summer of the imago, preferred biotopes on the territory of Low Daghestan, as well as fodder plants of caterpillars.

    pdf 75-81.pdf  (165 Kb)

  • Kolomiytseva N.S., Kagazezheva N.Kh., Doronina N.V.
    The uses of the elements of respiratory exercises as prevention of morbidity in preschool age children

    The technique with the use of elements of rhythmic gymnastics and respiratory exercises was introduced in preschool educational institutions of Adyghea Republic in the conditions of realization of health improving technologies. In order to study its efficiency a selection of children’s information was made and the morbidity analysis was carried out within a year. Observations show that children of experimental group get sick less often and are ill less long in comparison with contemporaries of control group.

    pdf 82-85.pdf  (250 Kb)

  • Sidorova D.V., Filobok A.A., Prikhodko A.V.
    Regional specifics of the investment policy in the tourist-recreational complex of the South of Russia

    This work discusses the necessity of attraction of investments in tourist-recreational complex of the South of Russia, since this is one of the key sectors in socio-economic development of the region. The article presents the basic tools of Federal and regional investment policy in the tourist-recreational complex of this macro-region.

    pdf 86-91.pdf  (281 Kb)

  • Tuova T.G., Tuguz F.V.
    Monitoring of quality of anthropogenic soils of the agricultural purpose in the Adyghea Republic

    This work discusses the results of the analysis of anthropogenic soils in Adyghea Republic, a condition of fertility of various kinds of soils in the Republic and their dynamics. Monitoring of lands of agricultural purpose is given. The main indicators of fertility of soils include the content of humus, mobile forms of phosphorus and exchange potassium, as well as the acidity degree. The dynamics of these indicators is revealed.

    pdf 92-95.pdf  (167 Kb)

  • Teuchezh F.D.
    Historical and geographical aspects of agriculture development in Adyghea

    The paper sheds new light on historical stages of agriculture development in the territory of contemporary Adyghea. Formation of the agrarian relations during the different historical periods is analysed. The analysis of scientific literature on the matter is carried out.

    pdf 96-101.pdf  (174 Kb)

  • Khoroshkin Yu.N., Filobok A.A.
    Tourism and recreation complex of Israel: current condition and prospects of development of cross-tourism between Israel and Russia

    Tourist industry of Israel, despite a short period of development, is very important to the country's economy. But at the present time the further development of this sector of economy will depend on the measures taken by the Israel's Government, for example, such as cancellation of a visa regime between Russia and Israel.

    pdf 102-106.pdf  (162 Kb)

  • Melnikova T.N.
    Hydrological and ecological-geographical zoning of the Kuban river basin

    The paper discloses implementation of hydrological and ecological-geographical zoning of the Kuban river basin in order to plan ecological stability and rational environmental management in the region. The conducted researches expand theoretical and applied aspects of regional hydrological researches.

    pdf 107-112.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • Tyurin V.N., Nudnoy A.P., Sidorov A.A., Vivchar A.D.
    Balance and sustainability of territorial systems (as shown by the Krasnodar Territory)

    The paper gives the characteristic of territorial socioeconomic system as an object of a balanced and sustainable development. The basic subsystems are distinguished: the natural resource and manu-facturing ones.

    pdf 113-119.pdf  (180 Kb)


  • Kuizheva S.K., Palandzhyants L.Zh.
    B&#228;cklund transformation and integrable potentials

    This paper discusses the Bäcklund transformation for the Korteweg-de Vries equation. We introduce the concept of a multiplicative integral and establish a connection between the Bäcklund transformation and integrable potentials. The meaning of Bäcklund transformation for differential equations is that there are substitutions that allow us to build more complex solutions from the more simple ones.

    pdf 11-16.pdf  (255 Kb)

  • Shaova S.M., Shumafov M.M.
    On necessary stabilizability condition of unstable equilibria of linear systems by extended Pyragas’ delayed feedback

    In this paper a necessary effective stabilizability condition of unstable equilibria of linear controllable systems by extended Pyragas’ time-delayed feedback is obtained. It follows from this condition that if the number of positive eigenvalues of original matrix is odd, then the system can never be stabilized by generalized Pyragas’ delayed feedback. The condition obtained can be used in solving stabilization problem of unstable linear controllable systems by Pyragas’ delayed feedback and its extended form, as well as for local analysis of nonlinear control systems with chaotic behavior in the neighborhood of unstable equilibria.

    pdf 17-22.pdf  (214 Kb)

  • Stash A.Kh.
    About calculating ranges of full and vector frequencies of the linear two-dimensional differential system

    Existence of linear two-dimensional nonautonomous differential system with a calculating set of essential (both metric and topological) values of full and vector frequencies is proved.

    pdf 23-32.pdf  (296 Kb)

  • Starodumov I.O.
    The kinematic Saint-Venant equation. The solution method

    The paper examines one-dimensional differential Saint-Venant model represented with diffusion and kinematic approximation, describing free water dynamic in open bed. For the kinematic approximation, which is a quasi-linear equation of the first order, there is a general analytical solution in stationary case. For the non-stationary case we developed a numerical algorithm. In the paper, the solution results are presented.

    pdf 33-39.pdf  (378 Kb)


  • Golovnev Yu.F., Somova N.Yu., Nurguleev D.A.
    Magnetic polarons effect in the exciton spectrum of nanoscale heterosystems EuO-SrO

    The model analyzes the interwell exciton magnetic properties of double quantum well in nanoscale heterosystem based on EuO-SrO. The formation of exciton magnetic polaron is explaining broadening and red shift of the exciton spectrum of heterosystem at temperatures below the Curie point.

    pdf 40-45.pdf  (257 Kb)

  • Zhukova I.N., Malykh V.S.
    On linear polarization of charge radiation in the field of flat electromagnetic wave

    The extent to which global radiation of a charge is linearly polarized in the field of elliptically polarized electromagnetic wave is studied as function of intensity of an external wave and its polarization for a case when the vector of polarization is focused along intensity of electric field of an external wave.

    pdf 46-49.pdf  (270 Kb)

  • Malykh V.S., Feklistov G.S.
    Adequacy of Newton’s laws for problems of the dynamics of systems with holonomic constraints

    U. Stadler's proof about insufficiency of Newton’s laws for examination of a rigid double pendulum movement is analyzed. The authors suggest that a conclusion about violation of centrality of internal forces is incorrect. Completeness of axiomatics of classical mechanics for the solution of problems of the dynamics of material point systems with holonomic constraints is confirmed.

    pdf 50-53.pdf  (173 Kb)

    Technical Sciences

  • Panesh A.Kh.
    Contents and prospects of technologies of Software Defined Networks and Network Functions Virtualization

    The review of new network technologies is provided: program configured networks (Software Defined Networks) and Network Functions Virtualization which promptly develop now. Restrictions of the traditional network architecture, not allowing us to satisfy requirements of business, are shown. The analysis of structure of program configured networks realized by means of the OpenFlow standard is carried out. The scheme of advance of packages between network devices is explained when using OpenFlow. The place of virtualization of network functions in structure of program configured networks is shown. The fast involvement of the Russian IT specialists in development of the specified technologies is substantiated.

    pdf 120-127.pdf  (467 Kb)

  • Telnov G.V.
    Mathematical justification of criteria for an assessment of the competence-based levels of learning a curriculum material on the basis of binary logic of indicator variable thematic test tasks

    The paper discusses the techniques of synthesis of mathematical criteria for an assessment of competence-based levels of learning a curriculum material. Analytical expressions of private and general criteria have been obtained in the form of Boolean functions on the basis of indicator binary logical variables. Realization of the obtained expressions by program or hardware way will allow us to expand the interface of data output devices about levels of learning a curriculum material to make the relevant administrative decisions on formation of professionally focused competences of trainees.

    pdf 128-134.pdf  (328 Kb)

  • Mylnikov V.V.
    Questions of design and creation of exercise machines and mechanisms

    The theoretical-methodological foundation of this article is the bases of design of the software, the system analysis, modeling of systems and creation of systems of training with the use of 3D graphics. Nowadays there is a significant amount of exercise machines and simulators in aircraft and astronautics. Such designs have to be in mechanical engineering and in construction, as well as for construction mashines and mechanisms. The purpose of this work is creation of the 3D exercise machine of the truck crane to train crane operators and to control their knowledge.

    pdf 135-146.pdf  (418 Kb)