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#1 / 2014

Biological Sciences

  • Chernyavskaya I.V., Tolstikova T.N., Ednich E.M., Kuasheva D.A.
    Cultivars of Thuja L. genus in the Botanical Garden of the Adyghe state university

    The paper shows the results of introduction testing of cultivars of Thuja genus in the Botanical garden of Adyghe State University. Emphasis is placed on the water regime of plants as a measure of ecological species plasticity. The seasonal dynamics of the tissue water-holding capacity of different garden forms of arborvitae in the botanical garden of Adyghe State University is shown. Maximum spring water loss and more stable autumn-winter performance of the water regime, with a high water-holding capacity of tissues, are identified. On the basis of physiological studies of cultivars of Thuja genus, as well as proceeding from the biological characteris-tics, their prospects are evaluated.

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  • Anokhina E.N., Tuguz A.R., Rudenko K.A., Muzhenya D.V.
    Association of IL-4 and IL-2 gene polymorphisms with the malignant growths of female reproductive organs

    Frequencies of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) in the promotor regions of the IL-4 (C589T; rs2243250) and IL-2 (T330G; rs2069762) cytokine genes are typified for malignant growths of female reproduc-tive organs (a mammary gland, a body and a uterus neck) using an allele-specific primers (NPO Litex, Moscow) at inhabitants of the Adyghea Republic. No interethnic distinctions in distribution of alleles and IL-2 and IL-4 genotypes at the Adyghes (n=39) and Russians (n=65) were detected. The oncological patients unlike donors show the authentically (Ρ≤0,05; χ2=10,96) increased frequencies of 589T of alleles and TT of genotypes of the main anti-inflammatory IL-4 cytokine. Depending on histotypes and organ localization of new growths of female reproductive organs, no statistically significant differences in distribution of SNP of IL-2 and IL-4 genes were found. 589T IL-4 allele is associated with a tumoral progression. The availability of 589T (IL-4) and T330 (IL-2) of alleles is interfaced to fast progressing of neoplasia of female reproductive organs.

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  • Shkvirina O.I., Trokhimchuk L.F., Khasanova N.N., Mesheryuk Yu.V., Lineva T.A.
    Dynamics of a functional condition of an organism of 12-13 year-old juveniles as a criterion for adaptation to the educational environment

    The integrated approach to research of a functional condition of juveniles' organisms during the aca-demic year was used to estimate functional reserves of cardiorespiratory system, the character and the amount of physiological expenditures in school students' adaptation. Sexual differencies in adaptative abilities of I2-I3 year-old students' organisms were revealed. The processes of development and the adaptative changes in 12-13 year-old girls' organisms are shown to be more energy – consumptive than those of boys of their age.

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  • Rudenko K.A., Tuguz A.R., Anokhina E.N., Muzhenya D.V.
    Toll-like receptor gene polymorphisms, associated with a hereditary history and age of bronchial asthma manifestation

    As a result of study of association of three single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) of Toll-like receptor genes of membrane TLR4 (missens-mutations of Asp299Gly; rs4986790 and Thr399Ile; rs4986790) and intra-cellular TLR9 (A2848G; rs352140 – nucleotide replacements in the coding region of a gene) with bronchial asthma depending on age of manifestation and hereditary history, statistically significant differences in frequen-cies of SNP genotypes of an intracellular TLR9 gene are revealed between donors and patients. For A2848/2848G of the polymorphisms located in the coding region of an intracellular TLR9 gene, the association is detected of pathological homozygous (G2848/2848G or GG) genotype with non-hereditary form of bronchial asthma (χ2=3.62; OR=3.03) and mature age of an illness manifestation (χ2=4.69; OR=5.19). At inhabitants of the Adyghea Republic, of three most often registered genotypes of studied SNP TLR4 and TLR9 (AspAsp/ThrThr/AA, AspAsp/ThrThr/AG, AspAsp/ThrThr/GG), the increased risk of development of bronchial asthma at mature age is connected with the combined availability of AspAsp/ThrThr/GG.

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  • Tsikunib A.D., Kaytmesova S.R., Ezlyu F.N.
    Obesity and insulin independent diabetes morbidity among different age groups of the Adyghea Republic population

    An analysis is made of obesity and type 2 diabetes morbidity among different age groups of the Adyghea Republic population during 2001 through 2012. Risk groups are identified. The territory of the Republic is ranked by the morbidity level of the mentioned nosologies for 2012.

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  • Tatarkova E.A.
    The role of DNA methylation in carcinogenesis

    The origin and development of the tumor is accompanied by serious violations in the nature of DNA me-thylation. Frequently, the total DNA hypomethylation in malignant cells is combined with local hypermethyla-tion, which causes the genomic instability. Of great importance in tumor progression are also violations in the normal regulation of methyltransferases DNMT1, DNMT3a and DNMT3b. Changes in DNA methylation are the potentially sensitive molecular markers to determine the risk of tumor development, to carry out early diagnosis and to develop measures to prevent the development of malignant processes.

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  • Shumilov D.S., Tuguz A.R., Ashkanova T.M. , Smolkov I.V. ,Muzhenya D.V. , Anokhina E.N., Tatarkova E.A., Rudenko K.A.
    AGT and AGT2R1 gene polymorphisms associated with coronary atherosclerosis in ethnic groups of the Adyghea Republic

    Distribution of M235/235T polymorphisms of AGT gene and A1166C gene polymorphisms of AGT2R1 is investigated by SNP-method (single nucleotide polymorphism) in ethnic groups (Russian and Adygheans) of the Adyghea Republic: donors and patients with different types of cardiovascular disease. The most common 1166C «mutant» allele of vascular angiotensin receptor of type I-2 (AGT2RI) is associated with the risk of coronary atherosclerosis in Adygheans ethnic group (P<0,05; OR=2,77). M235T angiotensinogen gene polymorphisms (AGT) for the Adyghea Republic residents are not prognostically significant.

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  • Doronina N.V., Kagazezheva N.Kh., Kolomiytseva N.S.
    Gender and age differences in mobility of coxofemoral joint at school students of the first-sixth classes

    The conducted pilot research, in which pupils of the first-sixth classes of comprehensive schools of the city of Maikop (Republic of Adyghea) and the city of Sochi (Krasnodar Region) took part, focused upon detec-tion of sexual features of age dynamics of mobility in a coxofemoral joint.

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  • Smolkov I.V., Tuguz A.R., Ashkanova T.M., Shumilov D.S., Muzhenya D.V., Anokhina E.N., Rudenko K.A., Tatarkova E.A.
    Allelic polymorphisms in the genes IL-17A and MTHFR associated with peripheral atherosclerosis in ethnic groups of the population of the Republic of Adygea

    Frequency distribution G197A gene polymorphisms in the IL-17A and Ala222Val SNP MTHFR gene in samples of genomic DNA donors and patients with clinical manifestations of peripheral atherosclerosis investi-gated SNP-method (single nucleotide polymorphism), ethnic groups (russian and adyghe) of the Republic of Adygea: donors and patients with cardiovascular disease. With the risk of peripheral atherosclerosis (P<0,05; χ2=7,158) is associated to a «normal» G197 allele IL-17A. When cardiovascular disease Ala222Val SNP MTHFR gene residents of the Republic of Adygea does not have prognostic value.

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  • Tuguz F.V., Tuova T.G.
    Geographical features of cancer morbidity distribution in the Adyghea Republic

    An analysis is made of geographical distribution of cancer morbidity among the population of the cities and districts of the Adyghea Republic. Maps of spatial distribution of cancer morbidity at the territory under study are constructed. The significance of anthropogenic factors in structure of cancer morbidity is shown.

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  • Teuchezh F.D.
    Localization of agro-industrial systems of the Adyghea Republic

    The paper deals with the development of integrated economic relations in the agriculture of the Adyghea Republic which is characterized by multiplicity of branches within the unsettled market. The author suggests some steps for raising the economic effectiveness of the agriculture in the area.

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  • Pshikanokova N.I.
    Tendencies and development of territorial social and economic systems of Russia (as shown by the Adyghea Republic)

    An analysis is made of the present condition of social and economic capacity of the region, the developed and possible directions of its development in a context of macroeconomic tendencies of long-term economic de-velopment. Proceeding from features of modern economic growth, the main problems and risks of development of social and economic spheres of the region and consequences of their structural changes are estimated. The paper deals with the research of a problem range of development and realization of strategy of social and eco-nomic development of the subsidized region. The assessment is given of the main indicators of social and eco-nomic development of the region in the medium-term period. The directions of development of strategy of effec-tive development which consider need of the solution of the revealed problems, as well as possibilities of activi-zation of competitive advantages available in the region and growth sources are formulated.

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  • Kozlov V.A. ,Palandzhyants L.Zh.
    On a curvilinear multiplicative integral

    The paper proposes a method for calculating the curvilinear integral of the matrix multiplicative func-tions of arbitrary order. Integration is carried out along the plane of the rectangle using the integral representa-tion of the corresponding ordinary multiplicative integral and expansion of the integrands of matrix functions in powers of independent variables.

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  • Roytenberg V.Sh.
    On a bifurcation of thee-dimensional piecewise smooth vector fields

    We consider a bifurcation under which the closed orbit belonging to the surface of sliding motions re-ceives an arc outside of this surface.

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  • Nagoev A.V. ,Blyagoz Z.U. ,Teshev V.A. ,Shelekhova L.V.
    Cost management model of the enterprise, presented as a problem with Boolean variables

    The paper deals with the modified algorithm of optimization of MTR redistribution, similar to the method of implicit search. Increase in speed of the algorithm is achieved by constructing a sequence of solutions with undiminishing sequence of values of the objective function.

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  • Stash A.Kh.
    On finite spectra of full and vector frequencies of linear two-dimensional differential periodic system

    The paper shows that there is no number limiting from above a cardinal number of essential (both metri-cally and topologically) values of full and vector frequencies of any linear two-dimensional differential system with periodic coefficients.

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  • Bobylev Yu.V. ,Panin V.A.
    On the influence of initial modulation of a nonrelativistic electron beam on nonlinear dynamics of tree-wave processes, developing in the regime of the collective Cherenkov effect

    The original analytical methods were used to analyze the influence of initial modulation of the electron beam on the dynamics of tree-wave processes in the regime of the collective Cherenkov effect. It is inferred that the initial value of the beam modulation does not affect amplitude of wave saturation, whereas the time of the volatility stabilizing is strongly reduced with increasing depth of modulation.

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    Technical Sciences

  • Avanesova T.P., Yazov D.V., Melanich A.V.
    Reduction of influence of human factor at vessels’ safe passing in the sea: way of the problem solution

    This paper describes the solution of problem of the human factor influence reduction during vessels safe passing at sea. The proposed model based on the neural networks assists to minimize accidents at sea.

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  • Soldatenkov A.A.
    Interpretation of structure of forest vegetation in conditions of mid-mountain relief

    A map of species structure of forest vegetation is made on the basis of the Earth’s remote sensing data of high resolution. A river basin of Big Sakhray is taken as an example to develop a technique of a partial solution of interpretation of the mountain territories, connected with uneven illumination of slopes of various expositions.

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  • Korzhakov A.V., Korzhakova S.A.
    Methods of parameter calculation of the acoustic magnetic device for liquid processing

    The paper presents a method of calculation of specifications for the acoustic magnetic device optimizing the water preparation for hydroponic installations, intended for cultivation of plants without soil, using artificial nutritious solutions. The proposed technique allows us to design devices of various sizes and types needed for various capacities. The following specifications of the acoustic magnetic device are examined: working fre-quency, overall dimensions of a magnetostriction radiator, as well as characteristics of elements of electric and mechanical chains of a magnetostriction radiator.

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