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#2 / 2017

Biological Sciences

  • Hubert E. Blum
    The microbiome: key player in human health and disease. Review article

    Until recently, human microbiology was based on the identification of single microbes, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, frequently isolated from patients with acute or chronic infections. Novel culture-independent molecular biochemical analyses (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics) allow today to detect and classify the diverse microorganisms in a given ecosystem (microbiota), such as the gastrointestinaltract, the skin, the airway system, the urogenital tract and others, and to assess all genomes in these ecosystems (microbiome) as well as their gene products. These analyses revealed that each individual has its own microbiota that plays a role in health and dis-ease. In addition, they greatly contributed to the recent advances in the understanding of the pathogenesis of a wide range of human diseases. It is to be expected that these new insights will translate into diagnostic, therapeutic and pre-ventive measures in the context of personalized/precision medicine.

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  • Shakhanova A.V., Chelyshkova T.V.
    Features of the development of somatotropic function of the pituitary gland and the adrenal cortex (cortisol) in boys aged 8–17 years

    In order to find the functional reserve of pituitary gland and, to a certain degree, growth capabilities of the body, we made a comparative assessment of somatotropin dynamics in blood both in the state of relative rest and under various testing loads. For deepening the developed ideas of hormonal regulation of growth in the course of puberty, the simultaneous examination was conducted to study the response of pituitary gland (with respect to somatotropin) and adrenal cortex (with respect to cortisol) under physical load with PWC170 power and under the maximum load with the capacity increasing on a step by step basis (load was applied down to the limit by means of bicycle ergometer). Quantitative definition of somatotropin (STG) and cortisol in plasma of blood was carried out by a radioimmunoassay technique with use of standard sets of CEA-IRE-SORIN (France). Results of research show that the activity of somatotropic function of the pituitary gland increases under the physical load with PWC170 power. Pituitary gland response (with respect to somatotropin) in the 45th minute is more significant than response in the 15th minute after the load. Under the same load conditions, concentration of cortisol in the 15th minute decreases on average by 1,4 times (in comparison with initial level), and in 45 minutes comes back to initial level. In each specific case, the trend of re-sponse (increase or decrease), incremental value of somatotropin and cortisol, as well as the rate of response were sub-ject to the value of the initial level of pituitary gland and adrenal cortex activity. Two physiologically equivalent types of response of pituitary gland (with respect to somatotropin) and adrenal cortex (with respect to cortisol) were ob-served – increase (with relatively low initial level) and decrease (with relatively high initial level) of the concentration of hormone in blood. In comparison with the adrenal cortex (with respect to cortisol) the response of pituitary gland (with respect to somatotropin) is more long-term and stable, however the adrenal cortex responses quicker to the load. This shows a cortisol role in fast mobilization of adaptive opportunities of a body under the impact of physical activi-ties. Under the influence of physical load of higher power during the work on the bicycle ergometer somatotropin con-centration reaches its maximum value immediately after the load and remains at such level until the 45th minute. Corti-sol concentration decreases immediately after the load and in 15 minutes significantly increases and remains at stable level until the 45th minute.

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  • Smolkov I.V., Shumilov D.S., Tuguz A.R., Kushu L.T., Muzhenya D.V., Ashkanova T.M., Tatarkova E.A.
    Gene polymorphisms of proinflammatory cytokines associated with ischemic stroke

    Gene polymorphisms of IL-17A (G197A, rs2275913), IL-1 (T511C, rs16944), IL-4 (C589T, rs2243250), TNF-α (G308A, rs1800629) cytokines are investigated in ethnic groups of the Adyghes (n=56) and Russians (n=53) by SNP method (single nucleotide polymorphism) in 109 samples of genomic DNA of donors (n=55) and sick (n=54) with an ischemic stroke of a brain – a complication of peripheral atherosclerosis. Allelic gene variants of the main pro-inflammatory IL-17A (G197A), IL-1 (T511C), TNF-α (G308A) cytokines are authentically (Ð<<0.05) associated with risk of development of an ischemic stroke in inhabitants of the Republic of Adyghea.

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  • Tolstikova T.N., Beskrovnaya A.Yu., Chernyavskaya I.V., Ednich E.M.
    Wood introduced species in the Herbarium of the Adyghe State University. Catalog of the Herbarium of May (part II)

    The paper describes the catalog of the wood plants-introduced species which are stored in the Herbarium fund of the Adyghe State University. Herbarium material was collected by the staff of Department of Botany and Botanical Garden, as well as by students of Faculty of Natural Sciences in tree nurseries and botanical gardens of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Maykop, in green zones of the cities of the Russian Federation, Abkhazia, Georgia, Turkmenia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, etc.

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  • Tuguz F.V.
    Formation and evolution of auls in the contemporary territory of the Republic of Adyghea

    The paper examines the contemporary network of auls in the territory of the Republic of Adyghea in its structural and spatial evolution. Time and the causes of emergence of auls, their topographical situation, and planning forms are determined. Changes in network and populousness of auls are calculated and systematized according to the results of population censuses.

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  • Shaov M.T., Pshikova O.V., Zhemukhova D.A.
    Dynamics of the content of CO2 and SaO2 in the human blood under the influence of neuroimpriting technologies

    The current stage of development of mankind is associated with an increase in the number of stressful damaging factors affecting the human body. Negative influence of exoecology entails the emergence and development in the body of a large number of pathological processes of various etiologies, leading to death. In this regard, the problem of search for protector technologies has become very urgent. This paper offers a non-invasive, naturopathic method of enhancing the body's adaptive potential by controlling the concentration of CO2 and SaO2 in human blood. The obtained results of researches testify to the effective adaptogenic effect of neuroimpriting-technology “Neuroton-4”.

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  • Pshikanokova N.I., Pshikanokova N.D.
    Monitoring technique of working out the strategy of the region development

    The paper shows the results of research carried out by the authors on monitoring forms of an algorithm elaboration for the region development. Need is substantiated to optimize a system of monitoring for the social and economic development of problematic regions of Russia. The aggregated universal indicators of capacity of the region are considered as a major factor of increasing efficiency of a monitoring technique.

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  • Kagazezheva N.Kh., Kolomiytseva N.S.
    The analysis of factors influencing the state of school students’ health in the Republic of Adyghea

    The analysis is made of major factors of risk, such as smoking, a hypodynamia and obesity, influencing health and life expectancy of the population not only in Adyghea and in Russia, but also throughout the world. The authors analyzed the main stages of antidrug education of school students. The law in development of the exogenous constitutional obesity is considered that is confirmed with mass epidemiological researches in various regions of Russia. Features of somatic development in children of school age in the course of training at schools of the Republic of Adyghea are analyzed. Timely familiarizing of children with sport prevents development of obesity, forms movement skills, the need for physical activities. At the same time the authors revealed a contradiction: active sports activities do not exclude a possibility of formation at school students of negative habits, in particular, smoking. Therefore, formation of a healthy lifestyle of modern youth is a complex challenge which demands further researches.

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  • Shishkin A.B.
    Algebraic orientation of sets (ordering sets). III. Integral with respect to a projection

    Here we give bases of the theory of integration with respect to a projection on measurable partially simplex sets in R^n , generalizing the theory of integration on the focused varieties. Key properties of integral with respect to a projection are studied (definition continuity, integrability criterion with respect to a projection for limited functions, countable additivity, etc.).

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  • Rustanov A.R.
    NC10 -manifolds of class R3

    In this paper we obtain the identity of the Riemannian curvature of almost contact metric manifolds of class NC10, called the third additional curvature identity of the NC10-manifold. On its basis, the class NC10-manifolds is distinguished and a local structure of the distinguished class NC10-manifolds is obtained.

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  • Stash A.Kh.
    On some properties of total and vector hyper frequencies of two-dimensional differential system solutions

    The paper shows that total hyper frequencies considered as functionals on a set of solutions to linear homogeneous two-dimensional differential systems with continuous coefficients limited on a semiaxis are not residual (i.e. they can change with changing solution on a final interval). Besides, an example is given of two-dimensional differential system for some solution of which total and vector hyper frequencies do not coincide.

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  • Rustanov A.R., Kharitonova S.V., Kazakova O.N.
    NC10-manifolds of class R4

    In this paper we obtain the fourth and fifth identities of the Riemannian curvature of almost contact metric manifolds of the class NC10 On their basis, the classes NC10-manifolds are distinguished and local structures of the distinguished classes NC10-manifolds are obtained. The structure of the tensor Ô-holomorphic sectional curvature NC10-manifold is obtained and the properties of this tensor are studied.

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    Technical Sciences

  • Dovgal V.À.
    Features of obtaining information on parameters of keystroke dynamics

    The paper describes the main hardware which is used in the course of obtaining information on parameters of keystroke dynamics, their features, and basic functions which can be derived in the course of obtaining information on keystroke dynamics.

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  • Vlasenko À.V., Dzoban P.I.
    Vulnerability analysis and simulation of “https” data traffic attacks

    In the modern information world, guaranty of confidential data transmission in the network is the use of the “https” protocol. Indeed, in the year of 2017, 75% of the web resources of the domain zone of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries use encryption of the “client-server” dialog. This paper is aimed at demonstrating possible outcomes of the attacks of malefactors to formalize conclusions and use them at creation of procedures of transfer, processing and storage of data in network for protection from payment of taxes and fees.

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  • Tsybulko A.M., Artamonov A.M., Efremov A.A.
    Calculation of a profile of a side trunk for the well of the Koshekhabl field

    The paper discusses the selection and calculation of profile parameters of a side trunk for the well of the Koshekhabl field. Recommendations are given for reducing the radius of curvature of the side trunk.

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  • Vlasenko À.V., Dzoban P.I., Zhuk R.V.
    Protection of personal data when authorizing a user in distributed information systems based on Web-technologies

    The paper considers the problem of asset identification when organizing the protection of information systems built on the basis of Web technologies. Based on the statistical data on attacks on the input data of users on the network, a description of the algorithm for identifying phishing Web sites/resources implemented in the algorithm for pre-authorization verification was proposed. This algorithm is a preventive measure, implemented through a heuristic approach and is a real-life add-on of a Web browser in the form of a plug-in. Thus, before entering any data in the browser window, the user first becomes convinced of the legitimacy of the Web resource.

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  • Kodzheshau M.A.
    Technologies and algorithms of information security

    The paper explores methods of protection of information systems against unauthorized access. Classification of encryption algorithms used for data protection is given. Protection methods are examined using operating systems of different generations and operating systems in the software as an example. Special attention is paid to information security and data protection in computer networks, relevant at the present stage of development of information tech-nologies.

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  • Aliev M.V., Alieva M.F., Egorov V.V.
    Internet application for placing and analyzing the effectiveness of advertisements in the network

    In this paper, the authors examine various aspects of advertising in the Internet. The analysis of ways of placing advertisements is offered: contextual, banner and media. Also methods of advertising promotion in a network are proposed. The logical structure of the system, which allows choosing the methods of advertising on different services, is considered. In conclusion, the statistics of the effectiveness of the placed advertising companies are shown.

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