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#4 / 2011


  • V.A. Kozlov, L.Zh. Palandzhyants
    Multiplicative integrals of matrix functions generated by the representation of Lie algebras A1

    The paper proposes a method for calculating the product integral of the matrix functions generated by the representations of Lie algebras Ëè1.

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  • A.Kh. Khokonov, M.B. Masaev, M.Z. Konov
    Results of two-year exposition of emulsion chamber of Elbrus high-mountainous spectrometer

    The paper discusses the result of a two-year exposition of a small emulsion chamber at an elevation of 3850 m («Ice Base», a slope of Elbrus). On the basis of calculation of quantity of the tracks formed by space beams in an emulsion, the stream of protons at this level was determined to be 3,410^-5 ñ́^-2•ñ^-1.

    pdf khokonov2011_4.pdf  (313 Kb)

  • Yu.F. Golovnev, I.G. Sidorova, A.B. Lakovtsev
    Triplet excitons in nanodimensional superlattices EuO – SrO

    The work examines a heterosystem on the basis of ferromagnetic semiconductor EuO. Using a spin-Hamiltonian method the scheme of power levels of exciton conditions is constructed. It is established that energy of communication of electron and hole in based exciton increases by a size of energy of an exchange.

    pdf golovnev2011_4.pdf  (776 Kb)

    Natural Sciences

  • G.N. Gudkova, V.S. Druzhinina
    Morphological and anatomic structure of funicles of showered and non-showered pea varieties

    The paper examines the results of studying the funicle structure of pea varieties with tendency to cast or not to cast grain. For the first time distinctions in morphological and anatomic structure of funicles are shown.

    pdf gudkova2011_4.pdf  (412 Kb)

  • Z.Kh. Mashukov, A.V. Yakimov
    Current state of populations of a chamois (Rupicapra Rupicapra (Linnaeus, 1758)) in the hunting farms of the Kabardin-Balkariya (the Central Caucasus)

    The work provides data on a current state of a population of a chamois in the hunting-pilot farm of the Kabardin-Balkar Republic.

    pdf mashukov2011_4.pdf  (498 Kb)

  • F.D. Teuchezh
    Landscape distinctions in economic development and management of soils in Adygheya Republic

    The paper discusses the basic types of management of the processed soils in territory of Adygheya Republic, their landscape distinctions and vegetative microzones.

    pdf teuchezh2011_4.pdf  (733 Kb)

  • A.Yu. Mishenin, E.M. Berdichevskaya
    Peculiarities of functional interhemispheric asymmetry in Top-Level wrestlers of Greek-Roman style

    A wrestler's preferred stance is an example of the organization of the man's asymmetrical posture control, reflecting individual peculiarities of the functional interhemispheric asymmetry. Bat the laws of the stance formation taking into account lateralization of an athlete's sensor and motor function have not been investigated yet, though they are important for the sporting selection and individualization of the training process. The paper presents the comparative analysis of the specific character of an individual profile of the asymmetry, as well as the analysis of its sensor and motor components in Top-Level wrestlers of Greek-Roman style preferring right- and left-sided stance.

    pdf mishenin2011_4.pdf  (424 Kb)

  • A.R. Tuguz, R.Sh. Ozheva, D.V. Muzhenya, S.P. Lysenkov, A.Kh. Agirov, T.M. Ashkanova, T.A. Ivanenko, E.N. Anokhina
    Ecological and genetic factors of predisposition of the population of Adygheya Republic to cardiovascular diseases: frequencies of the angiotensinogen genes Met235Thr and Thr174Met polymorphisms and A1166C alleles of angiotensinogen-2 receptor I (AGT2R1)

    The basic ecological factors influencing development of cardiovascular diseases in Adygheya Republic include natural sources of ionising radiation (radon isotopes and the products of its disintegration that are found in air of inhabited and public premises), the increased contents of iron and manganese in potable water and excess of concentration of inorganic and organic compounds and metals: oxides of nitrogen, carbon, sulphur, ammonia, hydrocarbons, formaldehyde, phenol, lead and cadmium in atmospheric air. Frequency of the AGT gene Met235Thr polymorphism associated with risk of development of cardiovascular diseases is 0,410 at teenagers of Adygheya Republic that exceeds similar indicators for the population of the Rostov region (0,179). The authors have not revealed authentic distinctions in frequency of the AGT gene Met235Thr polymorphism in the surveyed ethnic groups living in Adygheya Republic.

    pdf tuguz2011_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • V.V. Troshchenko
    Model of accumulation of primary material of fossil coals and coal-bearing formations: modern view

    In the paper, the notion about allochthonous phytomass accumulation at formation of overwhelming majority of seam-like coal deposits is substantiated. An alternative version of the theory of rhythmical sedimentation of coal-bearing series, where leading role belongs to pulsing lifting of wash-out areas rather than to wave-like movements of the sedimentation area, is suggested.

    pdf troshchenko2011_4.pdf  (1005 Kb)

    Technical Sciences

  • E.V. Lutsenko, V.E. Korzhakov
    Some problematic aspects of the classical cluster analysis

    The paper discusses the basic problems related to the cluster analysis, namely: (a) parameters of the cluster generalized image are calculated as the average of initial objects (classes) or the gravity centers; (b) the Euclidean distance or its variants, incorrect in neortho normalized spaces, which usually occurs in practice, is used as a criterion for similarity; (c) the cluster analysis is carried out on the basis of initial variables or a matrix of conjugacy, depending on units of measure on axes for formalization of which scales of different types are used. For these reasons results of clusterization are often unclear to experts and cannot be substantially interpreted, they do not agree with experts’ estimations, their experience and intuitive expectations. The idea of the solution of the listed problems is suggested.

    pdf lutsenko2011_4.pdf  (908 Kb)