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#2 / 2011

Problems of Human Physiology

  • Kh.M. Andrukhaev, S.S. Afanasyeva, I.N. Zhukova, V.N. Zamyatin, D.D. Mirzov, V.B. Tlyachev, V.Sh.Tlyusten, G.S. Feklistov, R.D. Khunagov, S.M. Shaova, A.V. Shakhanova, M.M. Shumafov, D.S. Ushkho
    Mamiy Kazbek Sagidovich (to the 75-year birthday)

    pdf andrukhaev2011_2.pdf  (183 Kb)


  • Ch.A. Skhalyakho, N.S. Tuguz
    Variability of solutions of Emden-Fowler type differential system

    The paper discusses sufficient conditions for variability of all correct solutions for system of Emden-Fowler type equations, generalizing and specifying the results of works published previously in journal «The Differential Equations».

    pdf skhalyakho2011_2.pdf  (345 Kb)

  • A.D. Ushkho
    Plane polynomial differential systems with the S-type symmetry axis

    The paper introduces the concept of S-type symmetry axis of the field lines of system of differential equations, whose right side is relatively prime polynomials with real coefficients. The author examines the question on coexistence of the axes of S-type symmetry and straight-line isoclines of the system, differing from the axes of symmetry and passing through the origin of coordinates. It is proved that if the system for n≥2 has the n^2 of singular points in the finite part of the phase plane and n+1 of axes of N-type symmetry in the absence of S-type symmetry axes or n+1 axis of S-type symmetry in the absence of the axes of N-type symmetry, then all singular points are located on the symmetry axes, and the origin of coordinates O(0;0) is a singular point.

    pdf ushkho2011_2.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • V.A. Kozlov
    Construction of ring generating systems K*(G/H) of one series homogeneous spaces G/H

    Systems of K*(SU(N)/SU(2))XQ generators and their Chern characters are constructed in an explicit form for homogeneous spaces SU(N)/SU(2) in which group SU(2) is given by tensor product of small dimension representations.

    pdf kozlov2011_2.pdf  (671 Kb)


  • A.Kh. Khokonov, L.A. Khamukova
    Ionization energy losses and relativistic electron ranges in the macromolecular compounds

    The distribution of specific ionization energy losses by depth in polyethylene and plexiglass is calculated for relativistic electrons with energies of up to 10 MeV. The effective thicknesses of the electron absorption are found.

    pdf khokonov2011_2.pdf  (319 Kb)

  • N.V. Malay, K.S. Ryazanov, E.R. Shchukin
    Diffusiophoresis of the large flying centerline heated aerosol particles of the spherical form

    The diffusiophoresis motion of large flying spherical aerosol particles is described theoretically at the Stokes approximation for small Peclet and Reynolds numbers in nonisothermal binary gaseous environment and large temperature differences near the particle. In solving the gaseodynamic equations, the kind of dependence of factors upon temperature is used for molecular viscosity, heat conductivity and diffusion. Numerical estimations have shown the nonlinear character of dependence of force and speed of diffusiophoresis on the average temperature of particle surface.

    pdf malay2011_2.pdf  (1 Mb)

    Natural Sciences

  • A.V. Shakhanova, Ya.K. Koblev, T.G. Petrova, A.A. Namitokova
    Specific features of the functional condition of the central nervous system at sportsmen-judoists

    The paper examines neuro-physiological status of the central nervous system at sportsmen-judoists. The authors determine the velocity, lability and degree of the balance of the nervous processes, the level of the functional state and adaptive possibilities of the nervous system in testing load conditions. With increasing length of athletic occupations the students-judoists’ neuro-motor organs are being improved, and the factors of neuro-physiological status are increasing. These data point to the positive dynamics of the change of the functional state of the nervous system. The obtained results are of interest for the choice of tactics and strategy of judo training taking into account the current functional condition of the nervous system.

    pdf shakhanova2011_2.pdf  (615 Kb)

  • V.L. Drushevskaya, G.D. Aleksanyants
    Features of «sense of space peculiarities» and vestibular stability in acrobats of different qualifications

    A research is conducted on ability for space sensor perception. The level of vestibular stability is determined in acrobats of different qualifications. Positive links between vestibular stability and qualification im-provement are found in acrobats. The authors show that in this type of sport activity the ability for adaptation of accommodation mechanisms, convergence and divergence is defined at the initial stages of qualification im-provement.

    pdf drushevskaya2011_2.pdf  (461 Kb)

  • O.A. Medvedeva, G.D. Aleksanyants
    Physiological characteristics of sensorimotor systems in schoolchildren with hearing disorders

    The adaptation of an organism of schoolchildren with a hearing disorder is provided at the expense of active participation of the central nervous system and sensory systems. Of great importance among them are visual, vestibular, kinesthetic and tactile-vibrating analyzers providing precise and high-speed characteristics of movements and maintenance of a body position in space. The paper investigates sensorimotor systems at 8-12 year-old schoolchildren with various degree of a hearing disorder. The authors define features of speed, lability, degree of disbalance in nervous processes, stability and concentration of attention. The obtained results are of interest to those who are engaged in correction of impellent readiness and social adaptation of deaf and poorly hearing children.

    pdf medvedeva2011_2.pdf  (522 Kb)

  • S.V. Pushkin, M.I. Shapovalov
    Fauna and ecology analysis of burying beetles (Coleoptera, Silphidae) in the Adygheya Republic

    The paper shows the results of 6-year authors’ observations on biology and on distribution of 21 species of burying beetles marked in the Adygheya Republic territory. Gathering points in the region under study and quantity of the collected material are specified for each species. Biological features of species are described basing on authors’ observations and literary data.

    pdf pushkin2011_2.pdf  (777 Kb)

  • N.A. Beseda
    Inheritance of mass of 1000 grains in the system of diallel crossings of the grain sorghum

    Hybrids and parental forms of the grain sorghum are analyzed at genetic level. Sign inheritance of «mass of 1000 grains» at hybrids F1 and F2 is studied. Differences in parental forms in 1-5 pairs of genes are revealed.

    pdf beseda2011_2.pdf  (354 Kb)

  • D.V. Muzhenya, T.M. Ashkanova, K.B. Kalakutok, K.Z. Bzhetsov, A.R.Tuguz, T.A. Ivanenko, E.Kh. Tlish, L.D. Aldonina
    Association Met235Thr of AGT gene polymorphism and A1166C alleles of a receptor gene of type I angiotenzinogene-2 (AGT2R1) with cardiovascular diseases at inhabitants of the Adygheya Republic

    Homo- and heterozygous Met235Thr allele of AGT was revealed at 31 (64,5%) of 48 surveyed inhabitants of Adygheya Republic. High frequency (84%) of Met235Thr of AGT gene polymorphism was marked in the group of cardiologic patients. The patients, that were heterozygous by locus 235 of AGT gene, had time-personal variants of an ischemic heart trouble from rhythm infringements to a myocardium heart attack, accompanied by hypertensive illness. Donors with hereditary burdenness by cardiovascular diseases showed heterozygous Met235Thr allele of AGT in 63,6% of cases. High frequency of Met235Thr of AGT point mutation at inhabitants of Adygheya Republic is associated with risk of development of cardiovascular diseases. Homo - and heterozygous A1166C alleles of AGT2R1 occur seldom (12%, including 4% of homo- and 8% of heterozygotes) and are not associated with risk of development of cardiovascular diseases.

    pdf muzhenya2011_2.pdf  (661 Kb)

  • I.G. Volkodav
    The Eastern Siberian largest subvolcanoes of acid composition and their ore-bearing nature. On distinguishing a subvolcanic class of magma formations

    The paper discusses the largest subvolcanic massifs of moderate-acid and acid composition studied by the author, their geological, petrographic and geochemical features, mutual relations of rock types and the orebearing nature.

    pdf volkodav2011_2.pdf  (871 Kb)

    Technical Sciences

  • E.V. Lutsenko, V.E. Korzhakov
    The system-cognitive analysis of objects of information security

    The mathematical model basing on the system theory of the information, as well as a numerical method and special program toolkit (system «Eidos») are offered. They allow creation and maintenance of multiple-factor information models of objects of information security (OIS) in a mode of adaptation and periodic synthesis. On the basis of use of these models points of vulnerability of OIS can be defined and the complex measures on maintenance of necessary level of OIS security from threats are proposed.

    pdf lutsenko2011_2.pdf  (1 Mb)