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#2 / 2005

Problems of Human Physiology

  • K.D. Chermit, E.K. Aganyants, A.V. Shakhanova
    Prognostic opportunities of burst values (Ger. Wurf)

    Conformity of form – function ratios to Wurf value is examined for the case study concerning the optimum organization and necessity of maintenance of effective functioning of an organism of the person. The study has proved the great significance of the abstract symmetry parameter for an estimation of a physical state, calculated as a double ratio of the Golden Section components.

    pdf chermit2005_2.pdf  (341 Kb)

    Geographical Sciences

  • F.V. Tlekhurai
    Periodicity of the evolution of re-settling in the territory of Adygheya

    A scheme showing periodicity of the evolution of re-settling in the territory of Adygheya developed by the author is presented in the paper. Seven stages in the development of settlements have been distinguished that have differences in territorial dynamics of re-settling and in changes of structure.

    pdf tleruhaj2005_2.pdf  (177 Kb)

  • F.V. Tlekhurai
    Types of settlements in the territory of Adygheya

    An attempt is made to describe and explain typological features of the settlements existing now in the territory of Adygheya. Typology of settlements is presented based on their genesis, site and proposed forms.

    pdf tleruhaj2_2005_2.pdf  (214 Kb)

    Biological Sciences

  • N.D. Dzhimova, E.A Goncharova
    An influence of harmful substances on water invertebrate

    The state of reservoirs was investigated as regards their impurity. The specific structure of water invertebrate (the most important and numerous) was revealed. An influence of toxic substances and various natural factors on the state of alive organisms living in water was examined.

    pdf djimova2005_2.pdf  (188 Kb)