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the series “Natural-Mathematical and Technical Sciences”
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Key words:

#1 / 2005

Problems of Physics and Mechanics

  • V.E. Korzhakov, A.V. Korzhakov
    Realization of a method of optimizing the preliminary acoustic and magnetic processing of industrial water in diesel generators

    The paper demonstrates the results of researches on processing of industrial water in diesel generators by using the acoustic-magnetic device. Mathematical methods of planning experiments were used in carrying out experiments and processing of their results. Anti-scale efficiency of the acoustic-magnetic device was proved to be higher than that of existing magnetic and acoustic devices. Higher efficiency of the acoustic-magnetic device is accounted for by processing of water simultaneously with a magnetic field and acoustic fluctuations.

    pdf korjakov2005_1.pdf  (280 Kb)

    Geological and Mineralogical Sciences

  • I.G. Volkodav
    Placers of Adygheya

    Gold abundance in the Belaya and Laba river basins has drawn attention of gold prospectors and scientists in the 1920s-1930s. Numerous sources of precious metals and favorable geomorphologic conditions have transformed valleys of the rivers and their inflows into industrial units the expediency of investigation and development of which is kept until now.

    pdf volkodav2005_1.pdf  (247 Kb)

    Biomechanics and Sport

  • A.M. Doronin
    Physical exercises as a result of muscle activity like the engine and the analyzer

    Specific features of motor and sensoric activity of muscles are considered in the paper as the universal criterion of classification of sports movements, efficiency of sports technique and use of means in training.

    pdf doronin2005_1.pdf  (293 Kb)

  • O.B. Nemtsev
    Theoretical bases of movement precision

    The paper discusses biomechanical bases of movement precision, its place among physical qualities and abilities of the person and principles of its training.

    pdf nemcev2005_1.pdf  (349 Kb)