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#1 / 2020

Biological Sciences

  • Vodolazhskaya M.G., Vodolazhsky G.I.
    Age dynamics of electroencephalographic parameters of healthy persons with a different levels of aggression

    In order to test the stability and preservation of the background ontogenetic trend towards the amplitude regression of EEG oscillations, ñhanges in 272 EEG parameters were studied in 678 man with different aggressive nature during the period of life from age 8 years to age 82 years with a step of one month after modeling of aggressive emotions. Correlation and approximation analysis showed more progressive age-related decreases in the amplitude and power of β, α, θ and δ oscillations in more aggressive subjects in response to the modeling aggression, particularly in the right leads. In persons with less aggression of character, which constitute a numerical minority, an increase in the amplitude and in the power of the majority of EEG oscillations that do not depend on the age index are recorded. Thus, the general background ontogenetic tendency to nonlinear decreases in the amplitude and power of EEG rhythms with age was seen in people of single more aggressive group.

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  • Ushkho D.S., Tlyachev V.B., Ushkho A.D.
    On the number of invariant straight lines of a n-st order vector field

    We study the problem of estimating the number of invariant lines of a polynomial vector field on a plane. The introduction of new concepts of different types knot and off-knot points for equilibrium states allows, in particular, to judge about of the even-numbered of the order of polynomials in the right parts of the differential system. In addition, it is shown that the presence of an invariant straight polynomial differential system passing through non-knot points makes it possible to construct the systems with certain properties and judge about of the qualitative picture of solutions.

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  • Shishkin A.B.
    On axiomatic definition of trigonometric functions

    We give axiomatic definition of trigonometric cosine and sinus based on their addition theorem. The definition includes minimized initial conditions that ensure the existence and singularity of the defined functions. The evidence of existence and unity theories has a natural specificity associated with limitations on the use of properties of yet-to-be-defined elementary functions. They essentially rely on irrationality of number of π .

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    Technical Sciences

  • Varshanina T.P., Bzhetseva A.B., Plisenko O.A.
    Basic digital platform methodology for knowledge-based precision farming of the Adyghea Republic

    The article contains the results of a study devoted to the search for optimal solutions to the problem of land management rationalization. In essence, the use of a modern high-precision farming system that integrates the most advanced agricultural production technologies is possible only in the conditions of adaptation of agrotechnics to existing natural conditions, taking into account the use of geoinformation technologies, both in the process of data collection and in their automated analysis, monitoring of rational and economically viable land use, as well as providing conditions for the use of remote sensing data. Precisely, these are tasks of the developed geoinformation platform for automated certification of agricultural polygons based on adaptive landscape mesozoning, automated classification of natural and ecological morphotypes of the relief surface, microclimatic assessment and localization of representative points of agrochemical monitoring for the purpose of rational and cost-effective land management and reproduction of soil fertility.

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  • Kashin Ya.M., Belov A.À., Shkoda V.V., Sidorenko V.S., Bordiyan R.N.
    Generalized algorithm for the selection of the power units for the telecommunication objects

    The description of the developed generalized algorithm for the selection of the power units for the telecommunication objects is presented. In its composition algorithm comprises two threshold values of the total number of ports and the threshold value of the total power consumption of the complete process equipment of telecommunication object.

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  • Tukmakov D.A., Tukmakova N.A., Akhunov A. Ay.
    Numerical study of the propagation of an acoustic pulse from a homogeneous gas into an electrically charged dusty medium

    This work considers the interaction of an acoustic disturbance generated by a moving electrically charged dusty medium with an acoustic disturbance propagating from a pure gas. It has been revealed that under the action of a counter propagating acoustic pulse, an increase in pressure occurs in an acoustic disturbance moving from an electrically charged gas suspension.

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  • Korzhakov A.V., Korzhakova S.A.
    Results of experimental studies of the effectiveness of the process of acoustic-magnetic treatment of liquid using the crystal-optical method

    The paper presents the results of experimental studies to determine the performance of liquid treatment with an acoustic-magnetic field. Data on efficiency of liquid treatment are used to build mathematical models, design new acoustic-magnetic devices and make it possible to optimize them. As a treatment effectiveness parameter an indicator of scale formation is used. There are some ways to determine this indicator. Previously, the weight and volume me-thods were used to determine it. In this paper, we consider a crystal-optical method for determination of the performance of the device. In order to conduct experiments, a specially created laboratory stand is used, which allows us to save the necessary parameters of the experiment and vary their values. Experiments on the treatment of geothermal water were conducted. To determine the performance of liquid treatment with an acoustic-magnetic field, the average size of the crystallization centers was recorded. For this purpose, microscopes with different zoom were used: 300, 600 and 1000 times. As a result, the average value of the resulting attribute is calculated, which is close to the results obtained using the weight and volume methods. And this means that the performance of the acoustic-magnetic treatment of liquid is high.

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  • Kashin Ya.M., Kopelevich L.E., Samorodov A.V., Golovanov A.A., Feofanova A.S.
    Direct drive technology for centrifugal separation plants

    The paper analyzes the technical solutions in the field of technology of direct drive of technological machines. The authors propose a separator unit with direct drive with the possibility of liquid cooling of the stator with the simulta-neous recuperation of heat loss.

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