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#4 / 2020

Biological Sciences

  • Panesh O.A., Chitao S.I., Chernyavskaya I.V.
    Physiobiological features of local and introduced species of milfoil in the Botanical garden of Adyghe State University

    The results of determining the main indicators of metabolism: the intensity of photosynthesis and respiration, showed that these processes were most actively carried out in introduced plants of fern-leaf yarrow. Plants of the local yarrow species were noticeably inferior in growth rate to the introducent. High yield is always correlated with the most intensive processes of metabolism, which is confirmed by high rates of respiration and photosynthesis in the fern-leaf yarrow. The study of water exchange showed that the lower intensity of the water regime was observed in the fern-leaf yarrow. The studied species are identified as drought-resistant, interesting in terms of yield and promising as medicinal plants.

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  • Panesh O.A., Chitao S.I., Chernyavskaya I.V.
    Influence of music on plant growth and development

    In studies conducted in the last century in Russia and abroad, the ability of a number of higher plant species to respond to external stimuli by generating electrical impulses (electrical signals) has been proven. There are three types of them: action potentials, variable, and microrhythms. Electrical signals in plants occur due to depolarization of the cell membrane, which occurs in the same way as when generating an electrical signal in a nerve, only instead of sodium ions, chlorine ions act as a depolarizing ion in higher plants. Studies on the influence of music on the growth and development of vegetable peppers have confirmed the ability of higher plants to rearrange vital functions depending on the frequency of sound.

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  • Shumafov M.M.
    Second order stochastic differential equations: Stability, dissipativity, periodicity. II. – A survey

    This paper is a continuation of the previous paper and presents the second part of the author’s work. The paper reviews results concerning qualitative properties of second-order stochastic differential equations and systems. In the first part we gave a short overview on stability of solutions of the second-order stochastic differential equations and systems by Lyapunov functions techniques and introduced some mathematical preliminaries from probability theory and stochastic processes. In the second part the construction of Ito’s and Stratonovich’s stochastic integrals are giv-en, and their main properties are presented.

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  • Roytenberg V.Sh.
    Rough differential equations with symmetry defined on a two-dimensional torus

    Differential equations of the first order dx/dt=a(t,x), the right-hand sides of which are continuous doubly 2ï-periodic functions with continuous derivatives up to the r-th order inclusively with respect to the second argument (r=1,2,...), are considered as equations on a two-dimensional torus. Let Er(q) be the normed linear space of such equations, invariant under the group of translations along the x-axis by 2ïp/q (p=0,1,…,q-1). We prove that the set of equations that are rough with respect to the space Er(q) consists of equations for which all closed trajectories are hyperbolic. This set is open and everywhere dense in Er(q).

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  • Mayorova A.N., Mitsay A.Yu.
    Approximate integration of cosmological equations of the Universe

    Using the perturbation theory method, we obtain corrections to the solutions of the system of cosmo-logical equations describing the dynamic behavior of the Universe. At the same time, we choose a specific kind of potential energy of the inflaton, which most simply explains the observed dynamics of the Universe. Next, we propose an approximate integration of a system of cosmological equations in the vicinity of the minimum point and the point of maximum potential energy of the inflaton.

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    Technical Sciences

  • Buchatskaya V.V., Buchatsky P.Yu., Lobanov V.E.
    Analysis of forecasting algorithms

    The article analyzes the most commonly used time-series forecasting algorithms. The out-of-sample forecasting data of different models is provided. The list of metrics characterizing performance of models is summarized in the table.

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  • Rybanov A.A., Sviridova O.V., Filippova E.M., Aleksandrina A.Yu., Abramova O.F.
    Mathematical model of growth dynamics for relational database

    Data growth management reduces costs and improves application performance. Database growth monitoring is a key factor in server resource planning. Monitoring database size and growth is one of the main tasks for capacity planning. The article discusses a mathematical model of the growth dynamics of the relational database, focused on proactively solving problems associated with the database growth, and a software implementation of the process of obtaining model parameters. A formula is proposed for calculating the growth factor of the size of the relational database.

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  • Simankov V.S., Teploukhov S.V.
    Intellectualization of the situational center through the selection of methods and algorithms of artificial intelligence, taking into account the uncertainty of the initial information

    The paper proposes an approach to the automated selection of intelligent methods and algorithms in the framework of the functioning of the subsystems of the situational center based on taking into account the features of the initial information about the system. For the input sample, a number of criteria are calculated that characterize the uncertainty of the system. Then, based on the fuzzy membership function of the description of the type of uncertainty and the projected knowledge base, the selection of mathematical methods for describing the system is made. This approach allows for an automatic process of selecting methods and algorithms applicable in the context of a specific problem, initial data and subject area.

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  • Buchatskaya V.V., Buchatsky P.Yu., Lobanov V.E.
    Web-app for time-series forecasting

    The article describes the structure of web-app for time-series forecasting. The application includes such methods as autoregression, autoregression with moving average, gradient boosting on decision trees. The solution combines flexible parameter tuning and straightforward interface for user demands.

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  • Taran V.N., Shcherbina I.O.
    Test automation and implementation technologies in the process of creating game applications

    Software testing technologies are considered using an example of game application development. The paper describes methods of reducing labour intensity through the use of automation tools, which increase the speed of test cases execution, reduce the influence of the human factor in the process of their execution, minimize the cost of multiple test cases execution, perform test cases that are not acceptable to a person due to complexity, speed and other reasons, as well as collect, store and process large volumes of data. A diagram is developed to show the process of making changes during the direct development of the software solution. The publication considers static and dynamic testing and their variants: local and server testing. Three problems in this approach are identified: mandatory installation of hooks, “extra” errors and execution time. Ways to resolve these problems are discussed. Proposed is a diagram of the process of checking hook operation. The following methods of dynamic program analysis are considered: partial coating tests or “smoke tests”, performance tests, game-specific automated tests and emulation of user actions. Technical characteristics of static-tests are given. The test resource dependency scheme was obtained. A core was developed to run automated static testing, which made it possible to test on early software development sites.

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  • Dovgal V.À., Dovgal D.V.
    Analysis of communication interaction systems for drones performing a search mission as part of a group

    Over the past decades, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have achieved outstanding results in military, commercial and civilian applications. To increase the effectiveness of the use of UAVs, they are increasingly arranged into a group called a swarm (or flock). In this case, communication between pack members plays an important role in management and coordination. The communication architecture defines how information is exchanged between drones or between a swarm of UAVs and a central control point. This review article discusses four communication architectures in detail, including their advantages and disadvantages. Applicable scenarios are also discussed. The proposed topic is important for the construction of effective cloud-fog structures of UAVs.

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  • Gorovenko L.A., Aleksanyan G.A., Rovenskaya O.P.
    Creation of an information educational environment based on the Google Classroom platform and the Miro virtual whiteboard

    This article offers a method for creating and considering the possibilities of using the information educational environment through the Google Classroom platform and the Miro virtual whiteboard, as well as shows the implementation of automation of the educational process on a specific example.

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  • Korobkov V.N., Varshanina T.P., Plisenko O.A.
    Features of land monitoring database design for agricultural purposes using an example of the Adyghea Republic

    The paper considers the issues of development of geographic information system dataware for support of ecologically balanced accurate agriculture in the Republic of Adyghea. The stages of agricultural land database design are presented. The choice of software tools for implementing the system is justified.

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  • Mandrik T.A., Polenov M.Yu.
    High-level models' translation tools for FPGA design

    The purpose of the work is to compare high-level tools used to develop modern FPGAs: HDL coder from Mathworks, HLS Compiler from Intel, and HLS from Xilinx. To achieve this goal, the main functionality of these packages was considered. As a result of the study, it is shown that the HLS Compiler, manufactured by Intel, is currently the most effective tools of a high-level system for FPGA development. As an additional tool, it is also proposed to use the author’s own development – the multilanguage compilation environment – the Multitranslator.

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  • Meretukova S.K.
    Some problems of development of regional computer networks as an important element of building a digital economy

    The paper discusses the questions of development of the digital economy at the regional level related to the construction and filling of Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). Despite the good technical equipment, the main problems associated with the development of MAN are noted – the concentration of the main network information resources and services at the Federal level, insufficient financial security of regional Informatization programs, the lack of a unified concept for building and filling MAN. Solutions to these problems are proposed.

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