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#3 / 2013


  • A.Kh. Stash
    On essential values of variability characteristics for the solutions of third order linear differential equations

    In this paper we present a third order linear differential equation with continuous, bounded variable coefficients with countable set of essential exact complete (vector) frequencies of nonzero solutions.

    pdf stash2013_3.pdf  (717 Kb)

  • V.A. Kozlov, L.Zh. Palandzhyants
    The computation of a curvilinear multiplicative integral

    The paper proposes a method to calculate the curvilinear multiplicative integral proceeding from matrix functions of any order. The integration is performed along a rectangle on the plane with the help of differential representation of the corresponding ordinary multiplicative integral.

    pdf kozlov2013_3.pdf  (399 Kb)

  • V.Sh. Roytenberg
    On bifurcations of closed orbits of planar Hamiltonian systems

    The paper examines a typical three-parameter deformation of planar Hamiltonian system in neighborhood of its closed orbit. Either triple cycle or double cycle and rough cycles or three rough cycles are born from this orbit.

    pdf roytenberg2013_3.pdf  (1 Mb)

    Natural Sciences

  • G.N. Gudkova
    Study of leaves of cereals in terms of selection problems

    The paper presents data on comparison of morphological and anatomic features of leaves of the main winter crops in the autumn period in a phase of bushing out and in the spring in an ear forming phase. The author proposes indicators to select the plants steady against adverse conditions of rewintering, diseases and pests.

    pdf gudkova2013_3.pdf  (387 Kb)

  • E.M. Ednich
    Water mode of magnoliaceae, introduced in the Botanical Garden of the Adyghe State University

    Research of a water mode at plants introduced in the Botanical Garden of the Adyghe State University shows that Magnolia kobus DC. Magnolia soulangiana Soul. Bod. and Magnolia grandiflora L. are capable to lose the significant amount of water reaching 46,6% of the initial weight. In local climatic conditions intensity of photosynthesis of introduced plants reaches 2,9 g x hour/sq.m and intensity of breath, 83 mg of ÑÎ2/hour per 100 g of leaves.

    pdf ednich2013_3.pdf  (332 Kb)

  • G.N. Ilchenko, N.G. Berezkin
    Botanical and morphological features of the eugenol-containing species of a basil (OcimumL.)

    The paper gives the key to define eugenol-containing species of a basil. The botanical and morphological features of species of O.basilicumL., O.gratissiumL., O.canumSims and their verieties are described.

    pdf ilchenko2013_3.pdf  (328 Kb)

  • M.A. Saprykin, M.I. Shapovalov, N.D. Dzhimova, A.U. Tkhabisimova
    Bugs of the genus Ranatra F. (Heteroptera, Nepidae) of the fauna in the North-West Caucasus

    This work presents data on the distribution and peculiarities of biology and ecology of aquatic bugs of the genus Ranatra in the North-West Caucasus. A study was made of contamination of bugs by larvae of water mites of Hydrachna aff. globosa (Geer, 1778) (Hydrachnidae) in reservoirs of the region. There is fouling on the body of the bug R. linearis (Linnaeus, 1758), presented by colonial infusoria Epistylis chrysemydis Bishop et Jahn, 1941 (Ñiliophora, Peritrichia, Epistylididae). The discovery of this species of infusoria was marked for the first time in the territory of the North-West Caucasus.

    pdf saprykin2013_3.pdf  (448 Kb)

  • T.V. Kraynova, E.M. Berdichevskaya
    Functional profile of asymmetry in the young sportswomen, specializing in esthetic gymnastics

    At the modern stage of development of esthetic gymnastics as a sport of high achievements, there are special requirements to functional symmetry-asymmetry motor actions, to high-quality performance of coordinate movements by leading and not leading limbs and to synchronicity of group actions. The results of three-year monitoring of functional sensory and motor asymmetries in young gymnasts in initial sports training confirm the possibility of motor actions symmetrization in esthetic gymnastics when using the offered training innovations.

    pdf kraynova2013_3.pdf  (259 Kb)

  • A.A. Guchetl, I.M. Kozlov, A.G. Zabolotniy
    The influence of sight laterality on the manifestation of the rhythm of the kinematic characteristics

    The paper defines the effect of a specific lateralization of sight to the change of the spatial and temporal characteristics of motion in 5-6 year-old children. Also the kinematic characteristics of the motion depending on the ways of sighting are studied.

    pdf guchetl2013_3.pdf  (305 Kb)

  • N.Kh. Kagazezheva, N.S. Kolomiytseva
    Influence of active and passive tobacco smoking on indicators of teenager’ cardiorespiratory system in the mountain districts

    The two-year longitudinal researches (2010-2011) on smokers and non-smoking teenagers living in the mountain district of the Republic of Adyghea show reliable distinctions in the following indicators of functioning of cardiorespiratory system: the breath frequency, the breath depth and the frequency of systoles. The cardiorespiratory system indicators are restored significantly longer at smoking teenagers after physical activities than at the non-smoking ones.

    pdf kagazezheva2013_3.pdf  (234 Kb)

  • N.N. Khasanova, A.Kh. Agirov, Yu.Yu. Dautov, T.A. Filimonova
    Features of development of exhaustion at professional users during the work on the computer and its prevention

    The paper discusses the influence of work on the computer on a functional condition of an organism of professional users. It is established that a functional condition of the central nervous system became worse and the pronounced exhaustion was developed at the scientific workers of the Center of Intellectual Geo-Information Technologies working on the computer during the working day. The authors have revealed the dependence of degree of exhaustion at the workers of the Center upon the period of their operation on the computer. Special gymnastics was proposed to remove developing exhaustion at the staff of the Center working on the computer,. The efficiency of these preventive actions was proved.

    pdf khasanova2013_3.pdf  (684 Kb)

  • E.M. Daurova, A.Ya. Khanzhieva
    Express diagnostics of thermographic indicators of immunodeficiency at weight-lifters

    The paper represents one of the most important problems of sports science, sports physiology and medicine – the influence of sport trainings on immune system and some features of immunodeficiency at young sportsmen. The authors see the solution of the problem in a deep studying immune violations and the character of regulatory-adaptive mechanisms of sports immunodeficiencies. Taking into consideration the importance of the role of immunity system in supporting physiological mechanisms of homeostasis the authors study seasonal and yearly dynamics of immune status of sportsmen in accordance with their sport length of service and skills, and some peculiarities of demonstration of regulatory-adaptive mechanisms of secondary immunodeficiencies. They also study the presence and the character of interrelations between immune status of sportsmen, their sport length of service and their skills.

    pdf daurova2013_3.pdf  (615 Kb)

  • F.V. Tuguz
    Features showing intra regional interrelations between the main typological characteristics of the Adyghea settlements

    The paper gives the results of the analysis of interrelation between the main typological characteristics of the Adyghea settlements. Examples are presented of features of intra regional interrelations between genesis, location, type of planning and social functions of settlements and the number of peaple and its dynamics caused by these interrelations.

    pdf tuguz2013_3.pdf  (4 Mb)

    Technical Sciences

  • Ya.M. Kashin, À.À. Belov
    The imitation modeling of photovoltaic modules in the simulation system Proteus ISIS

    This paper shows how to develop a model of photovoltaic modules in the simulation system Proteus ISIS (Labcenter Electronics, UK). The principle of construction of the current-voltage characteristics of photovoltaic modules is developed under specified conditions of the nominal power and the nominal output voltage. The principle of the scheme construction and calculation of primitives of photovoltaic modules is considered on the basis of the current-voltage characteristics.

    pdf kashin2013_3.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • M.Yu. Getmanskiy
    Assessment of a balance of the land-utilization structure in Adyghea for general planning

    This work gives the complex assessment of a balance of land-utilization in a plain zone of Adyghea. Recommendations are developed to optimize the land-utilization structure and to reconstruct a natural ecological framework using an example of the Khakurinokhablsky rural settlement. The proposed actions are aimed at strengthening the natural basis of the settlement and at increasing ecological stability.

    pdf getmanskiy2013_3.pdf  (824 Kb)

  • À.À. Belov
    The research of the parameters of the step voltage curves at the expansion of the central step

    This paper explains how to choose and study the characteristics of stepped curves at the expansion of the central step. The following characteristics are investigated: the change of the effective value of the voltage, the change of the absolute deviation of the effective value of the voltage and the variation of the voltage waveform distortion. Based on the obtained results, the step curve for the inverter of step modulation is developed.

    pdf belov2013_3.pdf  (3 Mb)