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#1 / 2013


  • Ch.A. Skhalyakho, N.S. Tuguz
    On existence of zeroes to solutions of the linear differential system in a final interval

    The paper sheds light on fluctuating solutions of system of two linear differential equations the factors of which are sign-variable functions. Questions related to fluctuation are studied by components. The authors show the sufficient conditions for existence of one of the system components of the differential equations in the set final interval. Uncommon solutions of this system are considered.

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  • S.S. Ponomarev
    Equivalent integral operators for abstract parabolic equations in the time variable in Sobolev spaces

    In this paper, we study properties of the superposition operator in Sobolev spaces. The obtained results are used to investigate the parametric dependence of abstract parabolic equations solutions in the infinite dimensional space.

    pdf ponomarev2013_1.pdf  (5 Mb)


  • Y.F. Golovnev, A.B. Lakovtsev, I.G. Sidorova
    Collective properties of excitons in EuO – SrO nanosystem

    The work examines indirect excitons in EuO – SrO heterosystem. For this system, conditions of Boze-Einstein condensation of excitons are defined. It is established that at temperature below critical there are two steady collective phases of excitons.

    pdf golovnev2013_1.pdf  (535 Kb)

  • T.T. Muratov
    Formalism of «magnetic sections» of D- (A+) -centers at resonant dispersion of charge carriers in nondegenerate semiconductors

    The paper develops a new approach to studying the kinetic effects in covalent semiconductors. Using an example of calculation of kinetic coefficients at resonant dispersion, we demonstrate some features of the proposed approach. Influence of extremely weak magnetic field on kinetic effects is studied. Unlike the standard method considering existence of H-field in nonequilibrium distribution function with the subsequent obtaining required formulas for kinetic coefficients, in the proposed approach, existence (influence) of weak H-field is fixed as a local «gain» of specific dispersion section, the resonant in this case. Formal replacement allows us to analyze easily the influence of a field for kinetic effects. It is shown that in the presence of H-field electronic conductivity reaches a maximum. The calculation has revealed the community of results at any mechanism of dispersion. The main requirement is that the low-temperature asymptotics of the specific mechanism of dispersion is a constant.

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    Natural Sciences

  • M.I. Shapovalov, L.P. Ilyina, A.A. Zotov, T.A. Sokolova, K.S. Sushko, V.V. Stakheev, A.A. Motorin
    Ecological features of the «ambrosia-phytophage-predator» complex in the North-West Caucasus

    The paper discusses the preliminary results of researches on studying ecological features of the «ambrosia-phytophage-predator» complex in the territory of the Adygheya Republic and the western part of Krasnodar territory. Plots clogged with ambrosia (projective cover of 50-75% and more), with high amount of ambrosia phytophages – Zygogramma suturalis and Tarachidia candefacta, were registered. It is established that on these grounds, the effect of phytophages is depressing on the growing fodder plant, however the production of ragweed seeds has not significantly decreased. The density of predators (Perillus bioculatus) in the surveyed areas was less than 1 individual per 1 m².

    pdf shapovalov2013_1.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • L.I. Tikhomirova
    Morphogenesis and regeneration in inflorescence axis culture of Iris sibirica L.

    This paper provides results of researches on a morphogenesis and regeneration activity through in vitro culture of an inflorescence axis of some cultivars of I. sibirica L. It is noted that the morphogenesis occurs in accordance with the hemogenesis and hemo-rhizogenesis type, passing a callusformation stage. Sprouts created de novo had exclusively endogenous origin.

    pdf tikhomirova2013_1.pdf  (863 Kb)

  • K.D. Chermit, A.G. Zabolotniy, E.I. Tuguz
    Regressive changes of natural locomotions in a descending branch of ontogenesis

    Kinematic characteristics of natural motive actions at elderly age are studied by using optical system of the three-dimensional video analysis of movements. This work shows biomechanical and physiological violations of motive skill at walking men who are over 70. The authors define the direction of impact of physical exercises to preserve natural motive actions at elderly age.

    pdf chermit2013_1.pdf  (6 Mb)

  • A.V. Shakhanova, L.Sh. Bedanokova
    Features of influence of sports loads of the various training orientations on parameters of the cognitive evoked potentials related to the engagement of attention

    Cognitive functions are studied by means of P300 technique in a situation of casually arising event («odd-ball» paradigm, J. Polich, 1993) using stimuli of three modalities (a reverse chess pattern, tone click and flash of light). Indicators of N200-P300 interpeak intervals are defined in groups of qualified athletes – judoists and basketball players. These indicators show the influence of sports physical activities of various training orientations on volume and efficiency of use of operative memory. The obtained results are of interest for complex selection of the most trained athletes to participate in competitions and to determine efficiency of training process during monitoring of individual indicators of the cognitive evoked potentials.

    pdf shakhanova2013_1.pdf  (590 Kb)

  • L.I. Gubareva, G.V. Ermolenko, E.V. Agarkova, L.S. Ermolova
    Adaptation of the cardiovascular system of adolescents with microelementoses resulting from chemical pollution

    The paper raises the problem of the influence of chemical pollution with subthreshold doses of Cd and Pb in the trace element composition of hair and nails among 13 year-old adolescents. The presence of hyper-(Cd, Pb) and hypomicroelementoses (Zn, Fe) was detected. It has been found that the chemical pollution of the environment results in increase of heart rate, mode amplitude (ÀÌî) and tension index and decrease of variation amplitude of RR-intervals. This indicates that the central regulatory mechanisms of the heart are in tension and the sympathetic tone predominates. At the same time the blood pressure increases. Correlation and factor analysis showed high significance of higher content of Pb and Cu in the activation of humoral channels, and Cd, in the activation of the sympathetic channel in the cardiac rhythm regulation. The activity of an autonomous circuit of heart rate regulation depends significantly on the level of essential elements – Zn, Fe and Cu. According to the authors, the microelement composition of hair and nails can be used in screening researches as the early marker of functional disorder of the blood circulatory system and environmental trouble.

    pdf gubareva2013_1.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • N.N. Khasanova, A.Kh. Agirov, T.A. Filimonova
    Features of influence of work at the computer on the students’ functional condition of the central nervous system and visual analyzer depending on a condition of sight

    The paper discusses the influence of computers on a functional condition of student organism. It has been revealed that the students, working at the computer, show decrease in intellectual working capacity. The number of students with the expressed exhaustion increases. A condition of the visual analyzer, especially at students with sight disorder becomes worse, which testifies to tension of a functional condition of the central nervous system. It is inferred that there is a dependence of intellectual working capacity and exhaustion degree at students after work on the computer on a condition of visual function.

    pdf khasanova2013_1.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • D.V. Muzhenya, A.R. Tuguz, A.S. Doroshenko
    Distribution of the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) I/D polymorphisms and their role in cardiovascular system adaptation at highly skilled athletes of the Adygheya Republic

    Highly skilled athletes of the Adygheya Republic (football players, basketball players and athletes) show frequencies of the DD genotypes and the D alleles of the ACE gene, respectively, 84,8%, x2=12,19, p=0,005 and 0,894%, x2=11,75, p=0,0006 that exceed reliably indicators for the control group and for athletes in world researches. Depending on professional specialization of athletes, the reliable distinctions in distribution of genotypes and alleles of the ACE polymorphic locus have not been revealed.

    pdf muzhenya2013_1.pdf  (875 Kb)

  • L.Sh. Bedanokova
    Influence of sports loads of the various training orientations on the cognitive functions of students

    On the basis of P300 technique, registration was made of the cognitive evoked potentials at students-basketball players and athletes-judoists in a situation of casually arising event. Indicators of P3b, Ð3a, N200 and N3 were determined to show the influence of sports physical activities of various training orientations on speed of information processing and decision making process. The obtained results allow the author to draw conclusions on efficiency of application of the considered technique along with other tests when selecting the most trained athletes to participate in competitions, as well as to determine efficiency of training process during monitoring of individual indicators of the cognitive evoked potentials.

    pdf bedanokova2013_1.pdf  (1013 Kb)

  • R.S.-À. Zakhkieva, L.I. Gubareva, L.M. Khalidova
    Sex differences in the development of the central nervous system and school motivation in primary school children of the Chechen Republic

    The paper first presents the results of research on the biological bases of mental health of primary school children in the Chechen Republic. Heterochronous development of properties of the central nervous system in children of primary school age (7-10 years) is found. Correlation analysis showed the high significance of the time of visual-motor response, precision of sensory-motor act performance and ability to differentiate stimuli for the formation of school motivation. According to the authors’ data, indicators of simple and complex visual-motor response can be used as the objective mental health criteria for screening researches.

    pdf zakhkieva2013_1.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • K.A. Rudenko, M.M. Nikhay, A.R. Tuguz, E.N. Anokhina, D.V. Muzhenya
    The G308/308A polymorphisms in TNF-alpha gene and production levels of cytokine in norm and during the chronic inflammatory diseases of respiratory organs

    The ratio of frequencies of G308/308A polymorphisms of TNF-a gene at inhabitants of the Adygheya Republic (0,844/0,156) is comparable with the European countries: France (0,888/0,112) and Spain (0,869/0,131) according to ALFRED (The ALlele FREquency Database). The 308A allele,which is less widespread in population (0,156), is increased in the general group of patients having bronchial asthma (0,290). Opposite effects are elicited of influence of G/A alleles, genotypes of 308 position of pro-motor area of TNF-a gene in the surveyed groups on FGA stimulated in vitro TNF-a production. Patients with bronchial asthma unlike donors have G308 allele and GG (normal homozygous) genotype which increase stimulated TNF-a production, and those with 308A allele, GA lower (heterozygotic) genotype decrease it.

    pdf rudenko2013_1.pdf  (770 Kb)

  • T.N. Melnikova
    Maximum thawed snow runoff in the rivers of the North-West Caucasus

    The paper discusses the formation conditions of the maximum high water runoff in the rivers of the North-West Caucasus. An analysis is made of methods of calculation of the maximum thawed snow runoff. The author presents the alternative technique of calculations of the maximum thawed snow runoff which expands the theoretical and applied aspects of regional hydrological researches on an assessment of extreme characteristics of a runoff.

    pdf melnikova2013_1.pdf  (691 Kb)

  • I.G. Volkodav
    Precious metals in ores and placers of Adygheya

    The paper describes precious metals containing in primary endogenous ores and placers, their localization, history of study, age, structural and material features, parameters, an assessment and prospects of further studying.

    pdf volkodav2013_1.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • T.P. Varshanina
    Development of well structured model of geospace on the basis of a structural mask method of power geofields

    On the basis of the author's structural mask method for geosystem power fields, a well structured model of geospace, which is structurally similar to cosmo-planetary power fields, is created. The model is optimum for logical binding in a coordinate field of a specification pyramid of various data accumulated in sciences about the Earth, their effective analysis, modeling and forecasting at all scale levels.

    pdf varshanina2013_1.pdf  (421 Kb)

    Technical Sciences

  • S.M. Ratseev, O.I. Cherevatenko
    Algorithms of partition of a string into lexemes in the programming language C

    The paper deals with the problem of the lexical analysis of entrance sequence of symbols which are related to recognition and allocation of lexemes. Here we conceive of the lexeme as a sequence of symbols in some alphabet. Algorithms of partition of a string into lexemes by means of the programming language C are proposed. Four options of such algorithms are examined, each of which has the advantages, proceeding from conditions of an objective and its initial data.

    pdf ratseev2013_1.pdf  (551 Kb)

  • V.S. Simankov, A.S. Kolodiy
    Approach to creation of intellectual system architecture for detection and elimination of net anomalies

    Specifics of anomalies in the modern distributed nets requires application of both formal and heuristic adaptive methods and algorithms in detection and counteraction systems. Use of methodology of situational modeling and management allows us to raise level of formalization of decision making procedures at the expense of classification of arising situations and choice of ways of their processing on the basis of expert knowledge and application of formal methods.

    pdf simankov1_2013_1.pdf  (761 Kb)

  • A.L. Boran-Keshishyan
    Fuzzy possibilistic models for the ergatic component reliability of training systems

    This paper gives the fuzzy possibilistic models of ergatic component reliability of training simulation systems. On the basis of the proposed models, a method was developed for calculation of fuzzy probability of their non-failure operation provided the time until problem is fuzzy variable.

    pdf boran-keshishyan2013_1.pdf  (568 Kb)

  • V.S. Simankov, D.M. Tolkachev
    Modeling of composite objects in real time on the basis of a Petri net

    For obtaining reliable data on development of emergency situations on important strategic and industrial facilities it is necessary to carry out modeling of change of their condition. In this regard this paper examines Petri nets as one of the mathematical apparatuses of modeling, as well as develops the modified indistinct Petri net which is best suitable for modeling of composite objects and systems in real time.

    pdf simankov2_2013_1.pdf  (854 Kb)

  • P.Yu. Buchatskiy
    Promising technologies of renewable energy transformation

    The paper discusses the promising technologies of renewable energy transformation (solar, wind, bio, wave and tidal). Their application will allow significant reduction of the cost of the obtained energy and involvement of natural renewable energy sources in a power system of the region. A lot of technologies using renewable energy sources become more and more competitive in the conditions of an opposite tendency of price rising for traditional energy resources.

    pdf buchatskiy2013_1.pdf  (927 Kb)

  • V.S. Simankov, A.V. Shopin
    Synthesis of a control system of the autonomous photo-wind-electric power station on the basis of indistinct logic

    This paper discusses the methodology for synthesis of a system of control by the complicated technical systems, which are characterized by indistinct information. The author presents a classification of uncertainty types for initial data and mathematical apparatus used to realize the control systems. The main properties of the photo-wind-electric power station as a complex object of control are defined and the choice of mathematical apparatus of indistinct logic for control is substantiated. The methodology of indistinct situational management of the photo-wind-electric power station is proposed and considered.

    pdf simankov3_2013_1.pdf  (899 Kb)

  • V.P. Lapshin, I.A. Turkin
    Modeling of the dynamics of form-building movements in drilling deep openings of small diameter

    The paper discusses questions of modeling of form-building movements in drilling deep openings taking into account the force impeding the process formed in a zone of contact. The results are given of modeling in the Matlab medium with definition of stationary trajectories in the phase plane.

    pdf lapshin2013_1.pdf  (1 Mb)