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Key words:

#1 / 2007

Geographical Sciences

  • T.P. Varshanina
    A system of monitoring of modern tectonic and seismic processes in the Northwest Caucasus

    The author offers the technology of monitoring of the modern tectonic and seismic processes, providing objective allocation of tectonic elements, a correctness of statistical processing of the accumulated data and a detailed division into districts of the territory by the character of seismic danger.

    pdf varshanina2007_1.pdf  (104 Kb)

  • À.À. Muzalev
    On geography of religions and on a concept “a religious geosystem” in geographical researches

    Necessity of expansion of complex researches on geography of religions is examined. The author gives a substantiation of concepts “a religious geosystem” and “a religious infrastructure” and determines their basic elements. It is offered to consider a concept “a religious geosystem” as an object of research of geography of religions.

    pdf muzalev2_2007_1.pdf  (147 Kb)

    Biological Sciences

  • A.A. Pseunok
    Mechanisms of adaptation

    The paper discloses the adaptable activity of an organism. It is shown that the functional system of regulation of blood circulation represents the multi-outlined, hierarchically organized system in which the dominant role of separate parts is defined by the current needs of an organism.

    pdf pseunok2007_1.pdf  (90 Kb)

  • E.A. Shebzukhova and K.K. Tarasenko
    New findings Trionyx khosatzkyi from the Middle Sarmatian sediments in the Belaya river

    The authors describe new findings Trionyx khosatzkyi from the Middle Sarmatian sediments in the Belaya river in the vicinity of Maikop. The description is based on 18 fragments of bone plates of carapace, plastron and a belt of forward finitenesses. The data obtained differ from typical species Trionyx khosatzkyi in size and comb-shaped ripples slightly expressed on carapace plates.

    pdf shebzukhova1_2007_1.pdf  (106 Kb)

    Mathematical Sciences

  • D.S. Ushkho and O.A. Ponomareva
    Special points of cubic differential system on the equator of the Puankare sphere

    The authors investigate all possible types of special points of cubic system on infinity in a case when their number is equal to four. S.R. Sharipov's earlier obtained result was established to be only a special case of the results obtained in the present paper.

    pdf ushkho2007_1.pdf  (172 Kb)

    Information Technologies

  • R.D. Khunagov, T.P. Varshanina, O.A. Plisenko, I.V. Starodub, S.F. Pikin, A.F. Kizyanov and A.V. Almaeva
    The information-analytical system of the Bureau of Technical Inventory (“IAS BTI”)

    The full-function information-analytical system is worked out for the Bureau of Technical Inventory of the Russian Federation providing support for a database and realizing opportunities of GIS-technologies.

    pdf khunagov2007_1.pdf  (256 Kb)

  • E.V. Lutsenko and V.E. Korzhakov
    Forecasting a level of subject knowledge of students by the SK-analysis of data on their social status

    A creation of intellectual technology of synthesis of typical models for determination of levels of subject knowledge of students providing forecasting and support in acceptance of decisions to improve quality of preparation of experts is proved to be necessary and possible.

    pdf lutsenko2007_1.pdf  (564 Kb)

  • V.S. Tlyusten
    On some parallels of formation and organization of internal structure in artificial and natural languages

    The paper discusses general aspects of formation of internal structure and semantic filling of artificial and natural languages. The hypothesis for historical-linguistic recreation (HLR-hypothesis) supposing presence of connection between the formal structure of natural languages and sources of the historical process of their origin is put forward.

    pdf tlyusten2007_1.pdf  (161 Kb)

    Biomechanics and Sport

  • K.D. Chermit, A.H. Anaev and M.M. Ebzeev
    Development in the future experts in physical training and sports of competences to form a social state of pupils health

    Basing on a principle of profiling of a process of vocational training the paper discloses the basic competences, methocompetences and directions of preparation of the future experts in physical training to provide the optimum social state of pupils health.

    pdf chermit2007_1.pdf  (124 Kb)

  • M.D. Ashibokov and O.F. Ryukhina
    Formation of a healthy way of life at volleyball lessons

    The paper shows the influence of volleyball on an organism of the person and formation of a healthy way of life at volleyball lessons.

    pdf ashibokov2007_1.pdf  (140 Kb)